SharkNinja, a global product design and technology company, has announced that David Beckham is the new global brand ambassador for Ninja brand. 

SharkNinja Announces David Beckham as Global Brand Ambassador for Ninja Brand Image Source: David Beckham
SharkNinja Announces David Beckham as Global Brand Ambassador for Ninja Brand Image Source David Beckham

A Strategic Move

In its press release, the brand revealed that Beckham, who is known for his kitchen skills, passion for cooking, and commitment to exceptional performance, will work closely with the Ninja team to build awareness for their innovative and user-friendly appliances.

Commenting on the partnership, David Beckham said, “I love to be at home creating meals for my family either in the kitchen or cooking outside, so I’m delighted to partner with Ninja to help bring greater awareness to their amazing products. I look forward to working with their fantastic team.”

David Beckham and Ninja have teamed up for a multi-year partnership. Beckham will promote Ninja’s kitchen appliances to his fans around the world, highlighting their focus on performance and user-friendliness. They will also work together to demonstrate the benefits of current products while also supporting product expansion.

In a move to amplify the Ninja brand both domestically and internationally, SharkNinja is thrilled to announce its partnership with David Beckham, according to Mark Barrocas, Chief Executive Officer. 

“David shares our commitment to performance and quality, sets the same unimaginably high bar that we do, and is deeply passionate about cooking. We are so excited to work with him to bring the Ninja story to life and help us advance our mission to positively impact people’s lives around the world.”


Ninja FrostVault™ Technology. Image Source: Ninja
Ninja FrostVault™ Technology Image Source Ninja

Leveraging Superstar Power

The partnership between SharkNinja and David Beckham as a global brand ambassador means several benefits and implications for the brand:

1. Enhanced Brand Visibility

David Beckham’s global fame and influence will significantly increase brand awareness and visibility for Ninja products worldwide.

2. Credibility and Trust

Beckham’s endorsement adds credibility and trust to the Ninja brand, leveraging his positive reputation and widespread appeal.

3. Market Penetration

Beckham’s association with the brand can help the brand penetrate new markets and demographics, especially those where Beckham has a strong following.

4.  Marketing Impact

The collaboration enables impactful marketing campaigns, utilising Beckham’s image and persona to attract a broader audience.

Overall, this partnership promises to be a winning recipe for success. This partnership is a strategic move for the brand, providing enhanced benefits in terms of brand enhancement, market expansion, and business growth.

Beckham’s global influence and culinary enthusiasm, coupled with Ninja’s commitment to performance, will lead to exciting product introductions and a wider reach for the brand.

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About SharkNinja

Image source: SharkNinja
Image source SharkNinja

SharkNinja is a global product design and technology company with a diversified portfolio of 5-star products that positively impact people’s lives in homes around the world. Powered by two trusted global brands, Shark and Ninja, the company has a proven track record of bringing disruptive innovation to the market. Developing one consumer product after another has allowed SharkNinja to enter multiple product categories, driving significant growth and market share gains.

Headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, with more than 3,000 associates, the company’s products are sold at over 150 retailers, online and offline, and through distributors around the world. For more information, please visit

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