OpenAI, also known as the creator of ChatGPT, has released a cutting-edge AI flagship model capable of tutoring math, singing, and exhibiting a hint of flirtatiousness. 

Introduced as GPT-4o, this model is now faster and available to all users at no cost, was celebrated with enthusiastic cheers at OpenAI’s headquarters as Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati unveiled it. 

“We’re witnessing the future of human-machine interaction,” she emphasised.

As a component of the launch event, the company demonstrated the upgraded chatbot’s ability to aid in mathematics education, engage in casual conversations with response times nearly indistinguishable from human interaction, and even to harmonise and sing alongside a second device powered by ChatGPT.

The new AI also showcased its flirtatious capabilities, responding with “oh stop, you’re making me blush” to an OpenAI employee’s compliment during the demonstration.

The company stated that the new model excels at comprehending diverse inputs, including combinations of audio, text, and images, and delivers responses that closely resemble human interaction, all the while doing so with increased speed and human-like fluency.

OpenAI declared its commitment to accessibility and benefit for all by offering the new, enhanced model to every ChatGPT user, irrespective of their subscription status, aligning with its mission to ensure that AI technology is accessible and advantageous to everyone.

OpenAI emphasised that the new model surpasses its existing counterparts in its ability to comprehend and engage in discussions about user-shared images, marking a significant improvement in its capabilities.

ChatGPT OpenAi

In a blog post, OpenAI’s Chief Executive, Sam Altman, expressed that ChatGPT-4o stands out as “the best computer interface I’ve ever used,” underscoring its exceptional user experience and performance.

“It feels like AI from the movies, and it’s still somewhat surprising to me that it’s real,” he remarked, reflecting on the remarkable capabilities of ChatGPT-4o.

“Achieving human-level response times and expressiveness represents a significant milestone,” he noted, highlighting the substantial advancement in AI technology embodied by ChatGPT-4o.

Amidst escalating scrutiny surrounding AI tools, OpenAI underscored that the new model underwent rigorous safety testing by independent experts, with safety being an inherent feature incorporated into its design.

The timing of the unveiling was also a strategic move aimed at sending a message to OpenAI’s competitors. It occurred just before tech giant Google was set to discuss its plans for generative AI at its annual developer conference, Google I/O, which was scheduled to begin the following evening. 

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