McDonald’s has made a new upgradation by appointing Eugene Lee to the post of International CMO. Before that, Eugene Lee worked within McDonald’s premises as an Asia CMO.

This promotion to a global level is a great victory for Eugene. He has been serving McDonald’s and Co. for almost 14 years. Addressing his excitement over this news, Eugene Lee posted on his LinkedIn,


“It’s been a crazy but oh-so-exciting 14-year ride with McDonald’s. I’m extremely excited and humbled by the elevated responsibilities. I’m looking forward to interacting with our marketing teams from across the globe.”

As an international CMO for the international developmental licensed (IDL) segment, Lee is ready for this new journey. Being compassionate ever since he joined McDonald’s, Lee now has even bigger plans for this huge global brand.

Over the years, Lee has proved his capacities at different times. Whether it’s marketing exotic food, like big mac, to analyzing the statistics, such as drive thru gain.

‘When I first joined the regional role, our score on a scale of zero to 10 was 4.8.’ Lee continued, ‘Last year, it improved to 5.3. Right now, we are at 5.5. My goal is to get it up to 6 or even 7.’

Another sparkling feather in his hat of achievements was how he wonderfully headed McDonald’s FIFA World Cup 2022 global activation. Being working at the regional level, Lee makes a commendable effort in making Qatar McDonald’s delivery successful.

Apart from this, one can also appreciate the inclusion of Eugene Lee in the list of APAC’s 50 most influential marketers working since 2020. Altogether, it’s commendable, as he’ll cover all global regions outside of the US.

From stepping into the regional role with an Asian background to becoming International CMO – Eugene Lee’s growth trajectory is worth mentioning.

Visit your nearest McDonald’s and see whether Eugene Lee’s reign is bringing any good to it.

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