The Woodsman Whisky Puts Hard Working Beavers in Its TV Ad

the Woodsman

The Woodsman Whisky puts hard-working beavers in its frame. Interestingly, one can enjoy how the company has blended wood choppers beavers in its tv campaign.

Mr. President has created this new ad for a blended Scotch whisky brand, ‘Woodsman Whisky.’ Keeping the entire idea into consideration, the agency has beautifully simulated the human nature of hard-working beavers. In it, Mr. President has depicted how a tiring job must be settled down by having a bottle of ‘the Woodsman Whisky’.

Unlike Tesco Whisky, this Whyte & Mackay manufactured whisky celebrates the woodcraft and common beavers working habits.

The ad follows a natural habitat crowded with long-toothed beavers. In addition to this, these creatures started their day by cutting down heavy-coated logs with sharp bladed using a handsaw.

the Woodsman

In the advertisement, some were tearing down wood with an axe. While others were hammering nails in a wooden barrel. Also, the Woodman ad tells how hard-earned reward these beavers will get in the form of ‘the Woodsman Whiskey’ bottle, which inturns is ‘well-earned.’ Later, one can appreciate these painstaking beavers enjoying rewarding hot and bubbly tub baths.

Mr. President has carefully chosen the best mascot for this campaign. Further, no one can truly depict the real power of ‘the Woodsman whiskey’ than these dedicated beavers.

After its release, it’s everywhere on the internet, whether it’s Youtube or Instagram. People are really appreciating this new stance on Woodsman Whiskey.

On this, Steven Pearson, marketing director of Whyte & Mackay says, “The Woodsman has experienced strong growth since launching in the UK, and with a strong growth ambition we needed an impactful campaign that stands out in a category full of craft cliches and authenticity tropes. We’re incredibly proud of this distinctive creative and look forward to seeing the beavers out in the wild.”