Met Gala 2023 Best Dressed Celebrities: Who Wore the Best

best dressed
Met Gala 2023

Of course, at Met Gala, incredible celebrities’ legacies make promising best dressed looks. However, we cannot resist ourselves to judge others’ aesthetic sense and fashion wear, while sitting in our Balmain jeans. No Offense!

Likewise, this year Met Gala 2023 comes with no exception. Every media platform has propagated its own list of ‘Best Dressed Met Gala 2023.” Then what’s keeping us behind? Let’s deliver our fashion perception and generate the list of ‘best dressed celebrities at Met Gala 2023.’

The first Monday of May sets the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’ on fire. This global costume display structured annual fundraising for the benefit of this institute in New York City.

This year, stars have gathered to display their unique fashion sense reflecting ‘late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.’ These celebrities, not only from Bingo Hollywood but around the world, follow this trend. From Janelle Monae to Jared Lato – everyone appears in extravagant outfits, not to mention black and white theme to honor this great designer.

However, to our dismay, some of the celebrities don’t live up to our expectations. Kylie Jenner Met Gala’s look was not quite impressive as in previous years. However, her sisters, including Kim Kardashian Met Gala look was a big blast of the night.

Surprisingly, Lagerfeld’s cat was also honored by two celebrities; Jared Leto and Doja Cat.

Let’s have a look at the best dressed female celebrities at Met Gala 2023!

1- Lily Collins

Lily Collins pays homage to the man of the evening by sewing the word ‘Karl’ on the back of the skirt. Her Vera Wand dress is the true depiction of beauty, elegance, and charm. Lily’s designer truly manifests the big idea behind this grand event. Altogether, her white bodice, striking black velvet and net skirt, bold red lips, and 60s hairdo was a heavenly combination.

best dressed
Lily Collins in stunning white and black attire Image source Lilly Collins Instagram

2- Rihanna

Second on our list is Rihanna, who has not disappointed us like any of the previous years. For this evening, she wore a dramatic yet elegant white haute ballgown. This Valentino dress has a 5-meter train.

Besides, this silk faille cape includes 30 white camellias, 500 petals, and 25 leaves. Interestingly, they were hand-applied by experts. When media persons ask about this dress, Rihanna instantly replied, “It’s Valentino, baby.”

best dressed
Rihanna in Valentino attire Image Source Valentino IG

3- Michaela Coel

Michaela Coeal co-chairs the Met Gala 2023. That’s why she aimed to stand out among all red carpet dresses. Fortunately, she was quite successful in this. On this big night, she definitely, pulled off her red carpet look with dazzling crystals and a golden-glazed dress.

For the Met Gala 2023, she trusted Schiaparelli for depicting ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.’ This embroidered costume gets inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic costume jewelry. Also, this exotic dress took over 3800 hours for hand embroidery. Further, the dress houses 26,500 stones and 135,000 golden crystals.

best dressed
Image source Michaela Coel Instagram

4- Anne Hathaway

This Anne Hathaway ensemble was a perfect mishmash of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel and Versace. At first glimpse of the dress, it reflects ‘navy bridesmaid dresses.’ but in a white shade.

The Silhouettes, referring 1990s era, mention gold thread French tweed. Altogether, this custom-made dress makes way for Chanel Camellia flowers, Medusa safety pins, and embroidered ton-sur-ton paillette.

Moreover, her incredible jewels by Bulgari and a rare camellia from a Versace show in the ’90s make her monochrome dress a big hit of that night.

best dressed
Image Source Anne Hathaway Instagram

5- Dua Lipa

The First Monday in May makes her shine like a sparkling star. Apart from honoring the biggest legacy of all time, Dua Lipa also co-hosts the show. Her classic monochrome Chanel dress definitely grabs all limelight for her.

Further, she wore an unbelievable diamond necklace of 119 carats from Tiffany and Co. This diamond studded necklace holds a 100 carats diamond pendant, which steals the show.

best dressed
Image Source Dua Lipa Instagram

6- Naomi Campbell

Being a supermodel of her time, Naomi, certainly, knows how to raise the bar with a unique style statement. For the Met Gala 2023 red carpet, she opted for shiny attire from Vintage Chanel. To amplify her divine look, Naomi went for a sleek hairstyle. Besides, bejeweled attire from 2010 Chanel’s spring/summer collection.

best dressed
Image source Naomi Campbell

7- Doja Cat

At Met Gala 2023, Doja Cat pays tribute to Lagerfeld’s cat. Her silver and white figure-skimming silhouette were created by ‘Oscardelarenta’. This dress gives a hue to the ‘Vesper247 collection due to its tight-fitted dress. On that star-studded night, her backless design, white feathery train, and sparkling dress were the true epitome of beauty.

Besides, she wore a masterpiece diamond headset with a 17 carats pear-shaped diamond. Also, her arm piece, bracelets, and rings were from Messika High Jewelry collections.

best dressed
Doja Cat in a greyish white ensemble Image Source Doja Cat Instagram

8- Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki’s Met Gala look was a sheer piece of inspiration. Devon Aoki’s BFF, Jeremy Scott has created her entire look. Her white winged leather mini dress complements her platinum blonde hair. To execute the Met Gala look, she wore a tight-fitted, black glittery skirt.

best dressed
Actress Devon Aoki with her BFF Jeremy