In its recent update, Prada Group teams up with Adobe to enhance digital and physical retail properties. Brands like Prada, Miu Miu, etc., will use Adobe to create personalised experiences.
Using Adobe tools, they will deliver suitable content across channels in real time. These include Adobe Journey Optimiser and Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform. 
Customers who have “opted in” will receive a tailored experience. Their past purchases, in-store behaviour, and online profiles will be the base of customisation.
Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications designs content for several branding aspects. Marketing campaigns, product portfolios, etc., can be easily designed using Adobe. Moreover, to create retail simulations and prototypes, Prada can leverage Adobe Substance 3D. 
Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group’s MD and head of CSR expressed his gratitude. He stated, “Today we are happy to announce our fruitful collaboration with Adobe.”
They aim to “further evolve the retail experience using the customer data platform. This will ensure we are able to engage and connect with each customer.”
Adobe’s President of EMEA, Luc Dammann also shared his views. He said, “At the heart of Prada Group’s identity is a passion for innovation, and a focus on the customer experience. The luxury retail sector is at the forefront of digital innovation.”
Adobe’s partnership with Prada will help expand their distinctive style and storytelling. They will do this through real-time customised experiences across in-store and digital worlds.
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