Amazon UK Implements 50p per hour Raise for Workers


In a move that is sure to delight employees, Amazon UK announced a 50 pence rise in hourly pay rates. The increase will apply to over 40,000 workers in the UK. This will include individuals working in Amazon warehouses, customer service centers, and delivery stations. 

The pay raise comes a few days after hundreds of Amazon warehouse workers in Coventry in central England, decided to walk out in a pay dispute this year.

“We’re listening to Amazon workers and the message is very clear: this new pay rate is an insult,” said Amanda Gearing, senior organizer of GMB, the union which represents more than 500 Amazon workers.

“So, in response we will be consulting over the next few days and announcing a new wave of action.”

As per the union, Amazon Coventry workers demand 15 pounds an hour. This will help them cope with the cost-of-living crisis. This crisis has sparked strikes all over Britain in the last few months. 

The pay rise benefits will come into effect from April 1st, 2023. The new increase will depend on location. Last year UK hourly wages were raised by Amazon by 50 pence to between 10.50 and 11.45 pounds an hour. 

“Over the past seven months, our minimum pay has risen by 10% and by more than 37% since 2018,” Amazon said in a statement.

Around 70,000 individuals work for Amazon UK. In January, Amazon said that the company is planning to shut down three warehouses in Britain this year. This move will affect around 1200 jobs. However, the workers will have a chance to transfer to other units.  

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