What Antarctica reminds us of are its vast snowy landforms and freezing-to-death atmosphere. However, does anyone think something may be hiding behind this huge epitome of snow?

Since its birth, Earth has been a catching basket for falling meteorites. But more interesting is that these impacts present evidence for ‘Extraterrestrial life.”All these impacts diverge scientists’ interests and experiments in astrobiology.

To date, 50,000 meteorites have invaded Antarctica’s horizon. All these evidence came forward with the discovery of footprints in the snow or the gradual melting of glaciers over the years. However, the most significant rock discovered so far is “Allan Hills 84001” in 1984. Scientists tracked that rock course back to Mars. Surprisingly, the snow rock contained the fossilization of primitive life.

What’s So Suspicious About This Frozen Continent?

Antarctica is possibly a land of extremes. Even Japan Mount Fauji cannot break this 3 miles-thick snow surface. During its peak season, only 4000 scientists and military persons can inhabit this suspicious land.

According to Jonathan Young from Joseph CampBell Archives, “Antarctica is the last frontier. It holds our imagination. Old maps that said, ‘here be monsters.’Antarctica is the last remaining territory on the planet that could have such a designation.”

When it was discovered 250 years ago, scientists could only have more questions than answers about this frozen continent. However, the sheer depth of the ice hides its land and leaves questions unanswered.

Extraterrestrial colonies speculations

An ancient astronaut theorist proposed “that it is not just the geology that is hidden from us.” Experts suggest that Antarctica is an epicenter of human and perhaps non-human activity.

‘Technology of the God’ author ‘David Childress shed light on this mysterious land and said, “Something seems to be going on on this mysterious continent at the South pole.” Additionally, a number of people theorize this land is a kind of alien base. If all these speculations are true, extraterrestrial colonies must have been inhabiting Antarctica for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Although Antarctica on world map is hidden in snow, it can most likely become a hub for extraterrestrial colonies. Every one of you has heard about ‘aliens in the attic.’ But now it’s time to rephrase this to, ‘aliens in the antarctic.’

A Secure Vault in Antarctica

Another event that led to the validation of this theory is when an anonymous military person became an eyewitness to a suspicious event. Linda Moulton Howe interviewed that person in July 2018 but on one condition. That person only agreed to submit the information unless his identity remained hidden.

That person claimed to visit along with his team, an octagonal structure protruding from the ice. The top structure rose 18 feet from the ice while the rest was hidden. All the entrance doors were the same. Although the doors looked thick and heavy, a slight push opened the door during the first attempt.

Image Source History
Lime light interior Image Source History

At that moment, the outside temperature was -40 degrees. However, when they entered inside, the temperature rose to 70 degrees. One thing that took that military person and his team by surprise was that the entire place was lit in a lime-green color without any source. Further, the wall was lined with hieroglyphics.

Being physiologically isolated from the world, Antarctica presents fewer chances of excavation. Being surrounded by 98% ice, it becomes practically impossible to survive longer. Also, its temperature falls to -50 Fahrenheit on regular days. This physical factor imposes several hurdles in the way of scientists and experts.

Maybe someone is living in our remote past? Maybe this extraterrestrial civilization has built huge construction hidden from us. Scientists predict that it could be the greatest reveal in all human history.

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