Samsung has masterfully countered Apple’s controversial ‘Crush’ ad with its clever ‘Uncrush’ campaign, underscoring the power of impactful advertising in shaping consumer perceptions.

Apple Controversial’ Crush’ Ad

Apple’s recent ‘Let Loose’ event unveiled exciting new products, including the star of the show – the new iPad Pro,  which features OLED displays and the M4 chipset. 

Apple’s ad, ‘Crush,’ aimed to showcase the sleekness of the new iPad Pro. However, it backfired spectacularly. The ad depicted an industrial press crushing traditional creative tools like guitars, pianos, and paint, implying the iPad Pro rendered them obsolete. 

This heavy-handed approach alienated viewers. Many felt it downplayed the value of artistic mediums beyond the latest technology, a sentiment Apple seemed oblivious to in their initial response.

Facing backlash, Apple apologised for the ‘Crush ad, admitting it “missed the mark, and confirmed the ad wouldn’t appear on TV.

Samsung’ UnCrush’ Ad: “Creativity cannot be crushed

Seizing the moment, Samsung released a clever response ad that took a subtle jab at Apple’s approach.

In the ‘Uncrush’ ad, the familiar setting of Apple’s ‘Crush’ ad is unveiled, with the same industrial compressor looming large. The room is littered with broken and crushed creative tools, remnants of the previous chaos.

Amidst the destruction, a pair of feet navigate through the debris. A woman steps into view, picking up a guitar that survived Apple’s compressor with only partial damage. She begins to play, using a Samsung tablet to read sheet music, seamlessly blending technology and creativity. The ad concludes powerfully with the tagline, “Creativity cannot be crushed.”

In essence, the ad turns Apple’s controversial ‘Crush narrative on its head, delivering a powerful message of resilience and creativity. By cleverly revisiting the same setting and incorporating remnants from the original ad, Samsung emphasises the indomitable spirit of creative expression. 

The ad not only showcases Samsung’s innovative approach to marketing but also reinforces its commitment to empowering creativity through its technology. 

Samsung’s Savvy Advertising Strategy

While Samsung’s products may not yet rival the iPad Pro in terms of technical specifications and market dominance, their recent advertising strategy demonstrates a significant competitive edge. 

Samsung’s brilliant response to Apple’s controversial ‘Crush ad showcases their creativity and marketing acumen, effectively capturing consumer attention and generating positive buzz. 

Moreover, with the poignant tagline “Creativity cannot be crushed, Samsung successfully captures the essence of artistic perseverance, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and asserting its dominance in compelling advertising.

Estefanio Holtz, executive creative director for BBH USA, the creative agency that made the ad, said in a statement to Fast Company, “More than a response, this is a celebration of all creative souls. True artists, makers, and creators know that creativity always finds a way.”

By leveraging clever messaging and an engaging approach, Samsung has proven that it holds the upper hand in advertising. This clever marketing manoeuvre not only highlights its strategic prowess but also reinforces the importance of innovative and impactful advertising in shaping consumer perceptions and brand loyalty.

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