Chatime, a leading global bubble tea and innovative beverage brand, has revealed a brand refresh anchored on its new brand promise, “Cups of Joy.” 

The brand refresh aims to capture the company’s vibrant, youthful spirit and appeal to Gen Z around the world, who are seeking opportunities to create and celebrate in their everyday lives.

Its values and beliefs emphasise the commitment to fostering inclusivity, creativity, and a sense of a globally connected community for customers. 

Chatime brand refresh captures the vibrant and youthful spirit that appeals to Gen Z around the world Image Source: PRNewsfoto/Chatime
Chatime brand refresh captures the vibrant and youthful spirit that appeals to Gen Z around the world Image Source PRNewsfotoChatime

Chatime, “Cups of Joy”

The brand refresh encompasses from the updated logo and tagline to the modernised packaging and revamped stores. Every element is crafted to engage both new customers and loyal fans. It’s a complete experience—not just a drink; it delivers the fun and flavourful moments everyone craves.

Chatime: Shaking Up the Beverage Scene

Henry Wang, Chairman of Chatime, said, “In a changing and often challenging world, Chatime gives people a reason to come together and celebrate all the moments – big and small – that matter to them. Our updated brand is designed to catch consumers’ attention and inspire curiosity and excitement to reward yourself with “Cups of Joy.”

Chatime’s commitment to an inclusive customer experience is reinforced by its new brand, according to Teresa Wang, Co-Founder of Chatime. In a statement, Wang said the company “embraces customers’ choices and creates an atmosphere of community where they can express themselves freely, boldly, and confidently.  

Its beverages were also highlighted as offering value and fulfilling various needs of today’s consumers. She also mentioned that the drinks cater to those seeking mental well-being, social connection, or simply an energy boost. She then reiterated the brand’s commitment to supporting customers with “Cups of Joy.”


Chatime: Crafting Innovative Beverages for the World

The brand boasts a wide variety of drinks to satisfy almost any taste bud, from classic teas to fruity concoctions and creamy milk teas to energising coffees. With seasonal drinks and ever-changing options, the brand offers a delicious adventure for everyone.

The brand also lets customers customise their drink with a sweetness level, ice quantity, and fun toppings like boba or jellies. 

The brand even caters to dietary needs with sugar-free options and milk alternatives.  Moreover, the brand offers dairy-free or soy-based milk replacements which also contribute to the brand’s increasingly popular menu. 

Therefore, by continuing to add beverages to its menus, the brand is well-positioned to satisfy the preferences of more consumers and stay competitive in the broader beverage market.

To learn more about Chatime and its innovative beverages, visit its official website at or

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