Over the years functional and fashion-forward outerwear have formed the backbone of some of Superdry’s truly iconic jackets. It’s not just the retro styles that have endured the test of time, each Superdry jacket is made to last, with a focus on using enduring low-impact or recyclable materials to craft each piece.

From Puffer to Parka, we’re looking back at the classic styles that have helped to shape the brand and the key cultural moments behind them in The Superdry Jacket Icons.

Gen Z are loving the 90’s look

According to Superdry data, in 2022, Gen Z purchased more of the bomber and parka jackets than any other age group. Out of all Superdry categories, puffer jackets have been the most sought-after styles in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Superdry Everest Hooded Puffer Jacket in Orange

Justin Lodge CMO at Superdry says “2022 saw the rise of ‘utilileisure’ style among Gen Z customers. In contrast to athleisure, utilileisure is centred around clothing that’s suitable for a range of weather conditions, whilst still great for running errands and daily life – 90’s styling fits this perfectly.”

Superdry padded jackets offer luxe takes on utility staples, designed with innovation in mind – made using 100% recycled fill (since AW21). Versatile and lightweight, all the padding in Superdry’s key styles such as its Everest puffer, Mountain Windcheater and hooded Fuji use recycled fill. Based on the weight and amount of fill used, each jacket can contain between five and 48 recycled bottles, reducing landfill waste and ocean pollution.

A/W 2023 Predictions


The term ‘gorpcore’ was first coined by New York Magazine’s The Cut back in 2017 and has snowballed since, with the surging popularity of fleeces and hiking apparel as notable indicators. Going hand in hand with ‘normcore’, ‘gorpcore’ takes its cues from utilitarian style and functional, outdoors-inspired gear. Six years later and the trend is reaching its peak with 1.4 billion views on TikTok, and becoming a central focus of meme culture thanks to Instagram accounts Real Housewives of Clapton and Socks House Meeting.

Superdry Ripstop Longline Puffer Coat in Green


The internet has proclaimed a new style – ‘blokecore’ – which has been trending for this past spring/summer and joins a long list of -core aesthetics, including ‘gorpcore’, ‘normcore’ and ‘surfcore’. At the time of writing, #blokecore has reached 411.3 million views on TikTok alone. No matter what your gender, menswear obsessives are sporting old-school football jerseys, bootcut jeans, tracksuits or Bermuda shorts with shell windcheaters in true 90’s Britpop style.

Superdry Everest Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat in Yellow


A new ‘core’ has entered the chat for A/W23 and that is ‘Kidcore’. An overlap of 90s style and the revival of Y2K with a nod towards 80s fashion that has emerged in recent months, Kidcore will see everyone embracing their inner child and “dressing like a tween”. The perfect antidote to grey winter weather, expect to see the rise of bright neon colours and playful, unabashed pattern clashing.

Superdry Patchwork Long Afghan Coat

Enduring design meets trend-led style, get the look:

An enduring staple in any wardrobe, Superdry has been reinventing its most popular jacket styles for over decade, forgoing short-lived trends for classic designs that add texture and warmth using high-quality materials and subtle design cues. Update your new season wardrobe and complete your 90s-inspired look by shopping women’s jackets here and men’s jackets here.

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