Mondelēz’s global snack brand, OREO, has dropped a limited-edition collection of Super Mario Oreos that are as tasty as they look. Combining everyone’s favourite cookie with the fun adventures of Super Mario, the collaboration invites buyers on an interactive mission.

The Super Mario chocolate sandwich cookies feature 16 different Nintendo Super Mario character designs. Each package contains a random selection of characters and power-ups, like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Super Star, and more. 

Most notable is the missing star of the bunch – Princess Peach. With Bowser trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom (and the hardest to find), fans can help save Princess Peach and defeat Bowser by joining the fun.

OREO and Super Mario Collaboration
Image Source OREO

To participate, users scan the QR code on the cookie’s packaging. The mission is to stack as many hero cookies as possible over a Bowser cookie, all on the rim of a glass of milk. Bowser is defeated when the cookies fall into the milk, so the goal is to stack them as high as possible.

Vishnu Nair, the Senior Brand Manager of OREO, voiced his enthusiasm for the iconic partnership, citing the playful synergies between the two brands as a “…no-brainer for us to team up to connect fans of all ages through this delightfully playful cookie collaboration.”

The Super Mario franchise has made waves this year with ‘The Super Mario Bros.’ movie and various limited-edition merchandise and collaborations. From shirts to toys, menu items, soap bars, and more, the decades-old game is gaining new fans and reigniting the love of old ones. 

OREO is no beginner to collaborations either – most recently as part of Martha Stewart’s metaverse debut. To date, OREO has worked with global names and brands like Blackpink, CASETiFY, Ritz, Pokémon, and Lady Gaga to release special-edition OREO cookies.

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