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Freemans Presents Early Christmas Campaign First Time in 118 Years

Image Source: Freemans

Are you already feeling festive, although Christmas is seven weeks away? So, does Freemans, as it launches an early Christmas campaign for the first time in its 118 years history.

But one may ask, how early is this early? Precisely, it’s one week sooner than last year’s launch date of the Christmas campaign. Most probably, this early approach is in response to the fact that customers have started early Christmas shopping this year.

This fully-digitalized department store produced the latest iteration “Made You Look” ahead of this annual festive. Moreover, this 10 to 20-second advert has been launched on 28 October and will run until 15 December.

With a promise of free delivery service on everything, Freemans online platform unveils head-turning fashion favs. Thus, this festive season, “Made You Look” by Freemans will make your Christmas merry and more exciting.

Getting a chance to capitalize on this “Golden Quarter” period, between October and December, Freemans kicks off with the amplification of this digital campaign. As a result, this Christmas campaign made a dazzling appearance on popular shows across ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Those biggest shows include; Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Yorkshire Vet, Home & Away, and Julia Bradbury’s Irish Journey.

Besides, significant investment has been endorsed in paid channels, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Freemans Campaign Features It as a Contemporary Retailer

Freemans’ latest campaign brings a competitive pitch in the market. By winning this new firm position, the brand appears as a contemporary online home, fashion, and beauty retailer.

Image Source: Freemans

Directed by Alexandra Green and photographed by Em Cole, this campaign foresighted the brand’s digital offerings.

Richard Cristofoli, chief customer officer, Freemans, said: “Customers are telling us they are actively looking for Christmas home, party, and gift ideas earlier than ever as cost-of-living pressures mean spreading the cost is more important than ever.  As such we made the decision to go earlier than ever before with Christmas at Freemans.

Following this campaign, the brand aims to target its existing customer base, usually 45-plus female shoppers. Meanwhile, Freemans also hopes to attract new customers by getting ahead of the pack and launching an early Christmas campaign.

Moreover, the “Made You Look” campaign offers products in the Fashion, Beauty, Home, and Gift categories. Some of these notable items include; Freemans ladies dresses, swimwear, shoes, decorating ornaments, etc.

You can purchase many product heroes from Freemans catalogue. Hence, moving to this new look and concept, the brand brings forth “punchy, bright, energetic relatable, down-to-earth, and exciting creative.”

Rita Ora Stars in Pepe Jeans ‘London After Hours’ Campaign

Pepe Jeans
Pepe Jeans' latest campaign "London After Hours" starring Rita Ora. Image Source: Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London AW23’s second campaign “London After Hours” is just around the corner. But to further raise its hype, this London-based brand stars Rita Ora in the next sequel of the “I Love London” campaign.

This UK-founded denim celebrates its 50 years in the fashion industry with its “I Love London” campaign. However, with the next installment of this campaign “London After Hours,” the brand focuses more on capturing “the essence of the city’s nightlife.” Hence, this denim brand’s second campaign sets to showcase the energetic vibe that wanders around the dark streets of London.

Moreover, this Pepe Jeans AW23 special edition was shot in the sophisticated environment of the London members club “Upstairs at Langan’s.”

Rita X Pepe Jeans; Exhibiting Sparkling Spirit of the London

As Rita Ora embodies the spirit of London’s nights, Pepe Jeans opts for some dazzling apparel.

British Vogue Fashion Director Julia Sarr-Jarmois, styled Rita Ora in this sparkling attire. Moreover, Dan Jackson captured these glamourous shots through the eyes of his lens under the creative direction of Lee Swillingham and Stuart Spalding from Suburbia.

This engaging campaign starring Rita Ora portrays some memorable Holiday Edit’s standout pieces. From its featured look with an allover sequinned shirt and dazzling crop top paired with sleek satin pants to the denim jacket having a sparkling treatment with rhinestone pants, Rita Ora has definitely thrown some high fashion looks.

Pepe Jeans
Image Source: Pepe Jeans

Also, Rita Ora has dropped multiple looks, fusing classic denim with popular silhouettes. In one of the shoots, this glamorous collaboration visualized Rita Ora in a rusty all-over sequined top. While keeping modern style in focus, in another glam-oriented shoot, this British singer wore a long slit black gown, dazzled with white stones all over it. In a nutshell, all of Rita Ora’s looks were breathtaking and sparkly satisfying.

Pepe Jeans
Image Source: Pepe Jeans

Further, this Pepe Jeans AW23 Holiday Edit will feature Rita Ora’s recent track ‘Don’t Think Twice’ from her latest album ‘You & I’.

Pepe Jeans
Image Source: Pepe Jeans

Also, this high-street fashion collection has been pre-launched at zalando.com on 24 October. However, its full launch was on 27 October.

Dior Men Unveils Spring 2024 Collection With BTS Jimin

Dior Men
Dior Men Spring 2024 Collection featuring Jimin. Image Source: DIOR

The face of the Dior Men Spring 2024 collection has finally been revealed, and it’s none other than our South Korean pop sensation, BTS Jimin. So, everyone gets up, as the Jimin Dior series has already dropped its most diverse looks on October 10.

It is no surprise that BTS‘s main dancer, Jimin, has become the face of this massive campaign. Undoubtedly, the explosive success of Jimin can tap any big fashion label into this K-pop idol international reach.

Moreover, it’s not the first time that BTS members have collaborated with international brands. Over the years, BTS’ name has been attached to major labels, including Louis Vuitton, Hyundai, Samsonite, Puma, and FILA.

Dior Men Focuses More on Something Most Likely Neglected

Like the Dior Women collection, its men’s series also steers the focus on practicality and comfort which is usually neglected. Instead of choosing a rigid architectural structure, this luxury French brand pictures Jimin in a quaint countryside view.

Dior Men
©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

While featuring Dior Men’s signature style, the brand captures striking photos, from being amidst the forest setting to producing monochromatic photos in sleek suits. Alasdair McLellan, a celebrated British photographer, photographed this K-pop idol, infusing Jimin’s personal style in this luxury menswear fashion.

The Dior x BTS Jimin collection showcases different visuals along with stylish preppy attire. One of its shoots portrays Jimin in a pale blue turtleneck sweater with the Diamond CD rhomboid motif. While referring to the charm of rustic romanticism, the Dior Men reflects a balance between modern design and traditional fashion elements.

Dior Men
©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

Following this, one can see Dior’s global brand ambassador in contrasting shades. For instance, the vibrant shade collection comprises bright blue, hot pink, and highlighter yellow. On the other hand, neutral pieces include black, beige, and navy.

Moreover, in this sun-lit campaign, Dior revitalizes motifs and styles. As a result, its CD Diamond finds its way into the rhomboid category, while the Dior Oblique Motif settles swiftly at Dior bag, sneakers, and scarf.

Dior Men
©DIOR, Photography by Alasdair McLellan

While still holding the natural breeze of the spring season, the Dior Men Spring 2024 collection attempts to portray classic and preppy silhouettes. This way, the brand’s creative director, Kim Jones, softened the clothing structure, while enhancing comfort and functionality.

Demon Slayer x Crocs: Intermixing Anime With Footwear Series

Image Source: Foot Locker

While stepping into the universe of animation, super cool footwear Crocs shake hands with a Japanese manga series ‘Demon Slayer.’

Being the fastest-selling manga of all time, Demon Slayer has shot to popularity around the globe. Likewise, Crocs, a fashion faux pax, has also returned in 2023. Therefore, intermingling these trending things would, ultimately, roll out a super hot anime-inspired collection. Now, this mighty collaboration has finally been executed, thanks to the creative team.

By starting off with its physical demonstration, one can see a fusion of Demon Slayer’s favourite characters with the signature Clogs charm. While offering four different styles and patterns, each Clogs pair pays tribute to a different slayer. Four main characters exhibited through this anime footwear collab are; Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

But one must note here that the collision of fashion and the anime world has not happened for the first time. Before this, many big fashion names had instilled anime flavour into their collection for some amazing looks. To throw a brighter light on it, here are some famous collaborations;

  • Super Groupies x Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  •  Bait x Diadora x Astro Boy
  • Anna Sui x 7 Manga
  • Air Jordan x Slam Dunk
  • Gucci x Hirohiko Araki

Also, many pop culture enthusiasts have seen several Demon Slayer collaborations, such as Uniqlo x Demon Slayer and Demon Slayer-themed aircraft through ANA Airlines. 

Besides this fluffy Crocs collab, this Japanese manga series is working on season four after the completion of Demon Slayer season 3. Hence, with the return of the ufotable show, Demon Slayer will kick start its next season.

What More About Demon Slayer x Crocs Collaboration

The surprize element in this collaboration is the inclusion of an aesthetic charm. The first fictional character portrayed is Tanjiro Kamado. This specialized Crocs Echo Clogs Tanjiro also infused Tanjiro’s signature chequered green and black haori print. To embellish it further, Tanjiro Clogs has ridges on its upper foam while the sole is of a dark brown hue.

Crocs Echo Clogs Tanjiro
Image Source: Foot Locker

The next product of this collaboration features Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado in a Croc Classic Clog Nezuko. While adorning this distinctive look, creators opt for a light pink colour with black lines smeared all over it. Moreover, adding red and white-check straps sprinkle some pop touch to it.

Crocs Classic Clogs Nezuko.
Image Source: Foot Locker

In the next amazing anime-inspired Crocs Classic Clogs, these two brands pay homage to the Zenitsu Agatsuma. Speaking of the versatile style, the Clog infuses a yellow ombre flavour. While simulating Zenitsu’s robe, Crocs sandals has a white triangle all over the superficial surface.

Crocs Classic Clogs Demon Slayer
Image Source: Foot Locker

On the other hand, Inosuke Hashibira’s Clog features a pale blue hue with the superimposition of light blue strips. Further, its adjustable strap has black lines on a white background.

Crocs Classic Clogs Demon Slayer
Image Source: Foot Locker

The commencement of this launch will take place at New York Comic Con, from October 12 through October 15. During this duration, you can get early access at booth number 3001. Moreover, these special Jibbitz Crocs broader release will start on October 18 through its online platform.

Although the price may vary for an individual pair, the entire series is highly affordable. The price for the Nezuko colourway is USD 65, for the Inosuke and Zenitsu versions it’s USD 70, while the Tanjiro-themed pair will cost around USD 80.

Above all, these Demon Slayer Crocs are now hot-selling articles. Grab your favourite ones before it gets out of stock.

SKIMS First Menswear Line Features Neymar and Nick Bosa

Image Source: SKIMS

Apparently, Kim Kardashian is not sparing any marketing expenses to make SKIMS’ first menswear line a roaring success.

Kicking off its first men’s category with the all-star campaign is remarkable. With a promise to re-design men’s comfort, the campaign features Brazilian footballer Neymar, NFL powerhouse Nick Bosa, and NBA talent Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Ever since its launch in 2019, Kim’s brand has been holding its resilient promise of creating ultra-comfortable SKIMS bodysuits, underwear, loungewear, and shapewear. Thus, SKIMS top the list in creating super comfy wear for your everyday routine.

But one must be thinking of why this expansion into the menswear space. Interestingly, this reinforcing of a new category is based on the fact that 10% of the existing customers are men. Further, its audience demographics show an 18.91% male audience. Thus, it signifies that this particular group is showing interest in the brand’s existing product offerings. By considering this statistic, the brand tries to capitalize on this particular group of consumers.

SKIMS Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kim Kardashian, said: “To have an icon like Neymar Jr be the face of our launch campaign, along with NBA All-Star, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and NFL’s top defensive player Nick Bosa, I think speaks volumes to the way the brand has evolved into becoming a brand that can provide comfort for all audiences, not just for women.”

Featuring NFL star Nick Bosa.
Image Source: SKIMS

Skims Just Drops Star-Studded Menswear Campaign

By unlocking this potential launch, men can get products divided into three categories; Cotton, Stretch, and Sports. SKIMS Cotton collection integrates soft and mid-weight cotton blends in its making. Fundamentally, it will chase your comfort with its built-in recovery feature. This series offers; Boxer Brief, Brief, Long Sleeve T Shirt, T Shirt, and Tank.

The next SKIMS Stretch series will get fame for its lightweight and ultra-soft fabric. With it, you can get a maximum stretch that fits well according to the body structure. One can get all the offerings mentioned above but in a different fabric.

With its Sport collection, one can get ease of movement during challenging workouts. Its compressive base layers adjust well under your workout clothes, providing maximum support. Further, an additional offering in this series is Mens Legging.

Featuring Neymar Jr
Image Source: SKIMS

Jens Grede, CEO and co-founder of SKIMS also showed excitement for this new venture. According to Grede, “Entering the $111bn US men’s apparel market unlocks an incredible opportunity for the business as we work to continue to reach new demographics and disrupt new categories for the next generation of consumers.”

Moreover, debuting this new menswear collection can give wings to this business which is now valued at USD 4 billion.

Featuring NBA All-Star, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.
Image Source: SKIMS

This ‘technically constructed’ exclusive collection is available from October 26. You can make a purchase from the SKIMS website, offering a wide range of sizes from XS-5X. Moreover, for a single piece, the price range varies from $16-$54, while for packs it’s $42-$98.

Clarks Originals Reimagine Desert Normad With Jorja Smith

Clarks Originals
Image Source: Clarks

To infuse a British soulful voice that resonates well with the iconic Desert Nomad, a first-ever collaboration ties up Clarks Originals and Jorja Smith.

Jorja Smith is a British R&B singer who needs no definite introduction. A recipient of the 2018 Brit Critics’ Choice Award, a prominent artist nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best New Artist in 2019, and an English singer-songwriter who has recorded a number of songs with big names.

Therefore, a person who has garnered fame in the music industry in such a short time could be no less than the best option for this campaign. So not only will her high profile boost consumer interest in the brand, but her auro of being a pop enthusiast fits well in this collaboration.

Clarks Originals X Jorja Smith: Infusing Musical Footprints

Under the creative influence of a new sensational voice, Clarks Originals brings forth a brand-new silhouette. This Jorja Smith edition presents a new mule variant. Moreover, this debut collaboration integrates an iconic stitch-down construction. Within this classic series, Sciarada’s EVOLO suede upper has a compostable thread in its making. On the other hand, the entire ensemble settles upon a black crepe sole.

Further, Clarks Originals aims to boost the product’s green edge by creating more sustainable footprints. Additionally, ‘Jorja Smith’ embossed fobs pay tribute to this British singer, and, of course, the brand’s craft.

Clarks Originals
Image Source: Clarks Originals

Fundamentally, this take on the Desert Nomad with its laid-back look represents Jorja Smith’s effortless style. While marking classic evolution, the brand imprints two co-branded logos showcasing the Clark Originals and Jorja Smith joint venture. Moreover, you can get this pair of shoes with two sets of laces; black and white with silver aglets and the other one with silver aglets on black.

Along with its natural pebble crepe sole, this Originals design also comes in a co-branded box. If you want a material guide, here’s a comprehensive list for you;



Upper Material Suede
Sole Material Crepe
Midsole Material EVA
Lining Material Unlined
Fastening Type Lace
Trims None
Sock Material Suede


Also, Jorja’s embossed collection will be available via an online platform from 21 October. However, this availability is restricted to the UK, EU, US, Japan, and China. Moreover, its in-store collection is available in London (Berwick Street), Manchester, Osaka, Tokyo, and Beijing, priced at £160/€190/$190.

Odd Muse to Enter Harvey Nichols Space With Timeless Designs

Harvey Nichols
Image Source: Odd Muse

This month London-based luxury womenswear brand, Odd Muse, is stepping into Harvey Nichols stores. With a promise to provide timeless fashion and versatile designs, this clothing line will be available from 23rd October.

From the ultimate Odd Muse Pearl dress to Muse Cropped Trench, it has always been a power luxury house for womenswear. Established in 2020, this fashion brand knows how to last forever in your wardrobe.

Hence, with this vision of fast fashion and high-quality garments, Odd Muse has decided to enter Harvey Nichols stores all across the UK.

A hallmark of fashion retailers, standard restaurants, and beauty merchandise, Harvey Nichols has seven stores in the UK and Ireland. Out of seven, there are five major stores in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester, and two smaller ones in Bristol and Dublin.

Among them, Harvey Nichols stores in Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, and Leeds will house this major Odd Muse launch.

Moreover, Odd Muse’s debut in this luxury store will showcase its resort, bridal, and partywear collection, which will be launched later this month.

Harvey Nichols
Image Source: Odd Muse

Fundamentally, this exclusive display is only offering its core collections in stores. While addressing this pop-up run show, Odd Muse founder, Aimee Smale said: “Not only is this partnership a dream come true, but the pairing of Odd Muse and Harvey Nichols could not be more aligned.

“I am so excited to see the brand’s store presence across the UK and the team are so excited for our first wholesale relationship.”

Thus, with an elevated twist, Odd Muse is ready to minimize the gap between fast fashion and luxury. Available on Harvey Nichols’ first floor, this e-commerce brand is ready for its permanent physical presence in the world of fashion.

Intimissimi Features Jennifer Lopez in Lingerie Collection

Image source: Intimissimi

Italian intimate brand Intimissimi UK and global icon Jennifer Lopez have proudly unveiled their much-anticipated capsule collection titled “This is Me… Now.” 

Launching this exclusive sexy lingerie line marks a pivotal moment in the fashion world. Further, the collaboration seamlessly marries Intimissimi’s commitment to quality with Lopez’s iconic style. 

In a recent press release, Lopez emphasized the deeply intimate nature of Intimissimi lingerie, expressing how it can serve as an empowering embrace. Consequently, it allows individuals to feel both liberated and beautiful. This sentiment is reflected in the essence of the collection and its products, which serve as a testament to Lopez’s personal and artistic journey. 

Also, the collection draws inspiration from Lopez’s upcoming album, “This is Me…  Now,”. With a vision of growth, self-reflection, and self-acceptance, the campaign focuses on intricate details and premium materials. The Intimissimi bodysuit collection includes silk fabrics and refined laces. Besides, the collective display promises a sensory experience that is both luxurious and elegant. 

One striking addition to the collection is the delicate hummingbird motif, symbolizing attributes such as luck, resilience, and vibrant energy. The color palette, featuring classic black, refined champagne, and bold jade green, caters to various preferences while also embodying timeless sophistication and individuality. 

What was the shared passion behind the Intimissimi collaboration?

Image Source: Intimissimi

What sets this collaboration apart is the unique integration of Lopez’s upcoming album into the campaign, bringing together the realms of fashion, and music. Moreover, it shows empowerment in a truly unprecedented manner. This cohesive approach allows the Intimissimi campaign to offer a distinctive and immersive experience for its audience. 

Under the creative direction of Riccardo Ruini, the campaign artfully captures the essence of women’s intimacy within a dreamlike ambiance. Additionally, it emphasizes the significant role of lingerie in fostering a sense of freedom and beauty for women. 

As part of this momentous launch, Intimissimi UK has orchestrated an exclusive event across select points of sale globally. This way, it aims to generate widespread excitement and engagement from influential voices within the industry. 

Furthermore, the campaign encourages individuals to embark on a journey of empowerment and embrace the celebration of modern femininity. Through this,  it highlights how “This is Me…  Now” represents not just lingerie but a reflection of a woman’s inner strength and authenticity, meticulously brought to life through the art of Italian design. 

Jennifer Lopez enthusiastically expressed, “American creativity meets Italian design with a passion to craft something truly unique,”. Consequently, it underscored the collaborative spirit and dedication behind this extraordinary venture. The “This is Me… Now” capsule collection is a testament to Intimissimi Italia to the fusion of art, fashion, and individual empowerment, resonating with audiences worldwide. 

Kylie Minogue a New Face of Jimmy Choo & Jean Paul Campaign

Kylie Minogue
Image Source: Jimmy Choo x Jean Paul Gaultier

Following the latest advancement in the fashion world, Kylie Minogue Leads the Iconic Collaboration Between Jimmy Choo and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Kylie Minogue has again stepped into the spotlight. This time, she has emerged as the face of the highly anticipated joint campaign between renowned fashion brands Jimmy Choo and Jean Paul Gaultier. 

This forthcoming association marks the unveiling of a striking footwear collaboration between the two fashion powerhouses. Also, this unprecedented partnership aims to blend the rebellious and daring spirits for which both brands are globally revered. 

Having been a longtime admirer of both houses, Minogue was a natural choice for the collaboration. Her history with the brand spans decades, with numerous appearances in custom-made Gaultier ensembles during her performances and Jimmy Choo shoes tailored by the label’s creative director, Sandra Choi, who happens to be a close friend of the pop icon. 

According to Florence Tétier, Creative Director of Jean Paul Gaultier, “the collaboration is a perfect amalgamation of craft and rebellion, with Jimmy Choo representing the Gaultier of the shoe world.” 

Tétier emphasizes the shared ideology of celebrating the strong female form framed through pop culture. For instance, Kylie Minogue height parallels the entire collection. Basically, it’s a concept that aligns seamlessly with Minogue’s iconic status. 

Kylie Minogue
Image Source: Jimmy Choo and Jean Paul Gaultier

How Kylie Minogue Adds a Touch of Glamour to the British luxury brand Jimmy Choo

The captivating images and playful film shorts, captured by esteemed French photographer and filmmaker Valentin Herfray, showcase Minogue in the new footwear collection.

Styled by her longtime confidante Katie Grand, she dazzles in archival Gaultier ready-to-wear “icons.” The campaign serves as a testament to the values both houses hold dear-pop relevance, female empowerment, and a rebellious yet indefinable charm. 

The collection itself is a testament to the creative synergy between the brands. Fortunately, it features a selection of designs that seamlessly blend the distinctive codes of Jimmy Choo and Jean Paul Gaultier. Trompe I’oeil, sexuality, rebel elegance, and couture craftsmanship are all intricately woven into the capsule collection, offering an ode to the rich histories and legacies of the two fashion giants. 

Expressing her enthusiasm, Minogue remarked that the collaboration represents a fusion of collective histories, yielding something fresh and innovative. Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the brands’. Further, she shared her devotion to transcending traditional boundaries and empowering women. 

Kylie Minogue
Image Source: Jimmy Choo and Jean Paul Gaultier

With its robust blend of London and Paris influences, the teamwork pays homage to the iconic status of Minogue, encapsulating the essence of both houses and their shared vision for female assent. As Florence Tétier emphasizes, Minogue embodies the spirit that both brands strive to celebrate – a true icon in every sense of the word. 

EA7 Emporio Armani New Collection for Italy Sports Athletes

Image Source: EA7

EA7 Emporio Armani Partners with the Italian Winter Sports Federation for the 2022/23 Racing Season and Beyond.

The Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI) recently unveiled the EA7 Emporio Armani as its new official technical outfitter for the 2022/23 racing season, marking a significant collaboration that extends to the Milano-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics

Further, this partnership encompasses the provision of technical clothing for competitions as well as clothing and accessories for leisure and formal occasions, highlighting the deep-rooted connection between the renowned Italian Marque and winter sports since 2014. 

In its endeavor to outfit the world’s top athletes, Emporio Armani UK has meticulously crafted a sophisticated wardrobe brimming with accessories, employing cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal comfort and flexibility without compromising performance. 

Surprisingly, the collection comprises an array of scrupulously designed attire, including ski suits, salopettes, jackets, mid-layers, puffy jackets, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, gilets, gym bags, hats, backpacks, and sneakers. All EA7 items are crafted from eco-friendly materials such as the innovative ARDOR7 and STRATUM7 recycled microfibers blended with recycled polyester. 

Image Source: EA7

Notably, each piece in the EA7 collection is marked by a distinctive base color of varying shades of gray, accentuated with prominent ‘ITA’ lettering in luxurious gold, paying homage to the Italian Flag’s iconic tricolor through three brushstrokes. 

He further underscored the significance of this partnership, noting its alignment with his long-standing commitment to engaging with top-tier athletes. Armani also highlighted the robust potential of winter sports as a platform for blending style and performance, all the while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. 

With the unveiling of this exceptional collaboration, sports enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike are invited to explore armani.com, where the exclusive EA7 Emporio Armani winter sports collection is now available. 

Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group Spikes Up Boohoo Shares By 15%

Frasers Group
Image Source: Boohoo

Frasers Group, led by Sports Direct and Flannels owner Mike Ashley, has yet again increased its stake in the fast-fashion giant Boohoo. This, ultimately, will solidify its position as a significant shareholder.

Recent filings reveal that the group’s shareholding in Boohoo has surged 15.1% from the earlier 13.4%. Now this British retailer has acquired a substantial 191.8 million shares. 

This latest development follows closely on the heels of Frasers Group’s recent leapfrogging of Boohoo’s co-founder, Mahmud Kamani, to become the largest individual shareholder in the fashion company. Notably, this move has fortified Frasers’ ownership of Boohoo, valued at approximately £56.6 million based on the market share price of 29.52p. 

Frasers’ initial foray into Boohoo dates back to June, when it acquired a 5% stake. Thus citing the potential for synergies between Boohoo and its own brands, I Saw It First and Missguided, with aspirations for potential collaborations. 

Previously, Mr. Kamani held the most extensive individual stake in Boohoo, standing at 12.9%, while jointly with his co-founder, Carol Kane, they held a combined 25% stake. 

Boohoo’s recent struggles in the market have been evident, with its Boohoo shares plummeting by 43% over the past six months, attributed to sluggish sales amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the implementation of a comprehensive turnaround strategy. 

The company issued a warning earlier this month, anticipating a potential decline of up to 17% in its full-year sales, primarily due to restrained consumer spending. This led Boohoo to reevaluate its sales strategies, focusing on more profitable segments within its brands as part of its larger restructuring efforts. 

What was the Outcome of the Frasers Group Acquisition? 

Frasers Group
Image Source: Frasers Group

Consequently, the company has initiated several measures, including price reductions. This move aimed at luring financially strained consumers during the cost-of-living crisis, alongside aggressive cost-cutting initiatives as part of the ongoing overhaul. 

Mike Ashley Frasers Group’s burgeoning interest in Boohoo aligns with its broader strategy of acquiring stakes in various retail titles, underscoring its robust expansion plans. Notably, the group has also amassed significant stakes in other prominent retailers, including electrical retailer Currys and online fashion groups AO World and Asos

According to Frasers Group news, the majority-owned entity of the former Newcastle United chief, Mr. Ashley, reaffirmed earlier this year that strategic investments remain an integral aspect of its operational ethos. 


New Balance 990v4

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