Xiaomi, a prominent technology firm, has announced the official release of its inaugural mass-produced electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7.

This newly introduced high-performance sedan marks Xiaomi’s debut in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, highlighting its outstanding prowess in automotive manufacturing.

As revealed in its press release, the Xiaomi SU7 Pro and Max versions utilise Hesai’s high-performance AT128 long-range lidar, marking a significant milestone in intelligent driving technology. 

The Xiaomi SU7 garnered over 88,898 reservations within the first day of its release. The deliveries for the Pro and Max versions are scheduled to begin in April and May, respectively.

Xiaomi Unveils Revolutionary SU7 Electric Vehicle Equipped with Hesai High-Performance Lidar. Image Source: Xiaomi
Image Source Xiaomi

Xiaomi SU7: The Game-Changer in Electric Vehicle Innovation

What is Lidar?

Lidar or LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It’s a remote sensing method that uses light as a pulsed laser to measure variable distances to the Earth. Essentially, lidar technology generates precise 3D information about the shape and surface characteristics of objects on Earth. 

It’s commonly used in various applications such as topographic mapping, forestry, urban planning, and archaeology. Additionally, it is used increasingly in autonomous vehicles for navigation and obstacle detection.

Xiaomi SU7 Equipped with Hesai High-Performance Lidar

The technologically advanced car is designed with a unique “pebble” aesthetic and integrates Hesai’s AT128 lidar in a sleek “watchtower style” on the roof. It enhances its elegance and aerodynamic performance. 

Furthermore, the car is not just stunning; it’s a feat of engineering. Xiaomi and Hesai’s collaboration placed the lidar sensor in a sleek watchtower design that reduces wind resistance. Thus, this perfect balance of form and function makes the SU7 both aerodynamic and stylish.

Xiaomi’s innovative driving technology stands out with its self-developed architecture, featuring advanced high-resolution perception. This end-to-end system streamlines intelligent driving by directly translating images into driving paths, delivering a remarkably human-like driving experience.

On top of that, the Pro and Max versions of the SU7 are equipped with the Xiaomi Pilot Max intelligent driving solution, which incorporates the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin computing platform and Hesai’s ultra-high-definition AT128 lidar. 

This system uses powerful hardware and software to see the road better, making the SU7 a leader in self-driving technology.

Hesai’s AT128 Lidar: Delivering on the Promise of Self-Driving Cars

Hesai’s AT128 lidar, a vital component of the Xiaomi Pilot Max, features 128 independent VCSEL lasers, providing unmatched imaging capabilities and long-range detection. This technology ensures high-quality 3D scanning to support the Xiaomi SU7’s advanced intelligent driving system and promote safer, more efficient driving experiences.

Lidar leader Hesai Technology is a reputable company in the lidar industry. They shipped over 300,000 units in 2023, making them a go-to supplier for self-driving car tech. With its top-notch manufacturing and quality, Hesai is a perfect partner for Xiaomi’s new cars.

Looking ahead, Hesai and Xiaomi are committed to deepening their collaboration, focusing on the ‘human-vehicle-home ecosystem’ strategy. Together, their goal is to push the boundaries of intelligent driving technology, broaden its applications, and provide users with safer, more enjoyable travel experiences.

Xiaomi SU7: The Future of Self-driving Automotives

Xiaomi SU7: The Game-Changer in Electric Vehicle Innovation
Image Source Xiaomi

The Xiaomi SU7, with its innovative design and powerful driver-assistance system, marks a significant step forward for the company’s entry into the automotive market. 

Since the EV market is experiencing notable growth globally, Xiaomi is able to tap into a lucrative market segment and potentially capture market share from established automotive companies.

Moreover, the success of the SU7 could elevate the company’s brand image, expand its market presence, and position the company for further growth and competitiveness in the automotive industry.

Significantly, the collaboration with Hesai, a leader in lidar technology, ensures the SU7 is equipped for the future of self-driving cars. Combining style, performance, and advanced features, the SU7 is sure to turn heads on the road.

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