The news about ‘Mystery Cloud’ has bombarded the internet, as this mysterious event is unreal. This extraordinary phenomenon happened on April 20 when a cluster of dark cloud spread over 7km. As a result, the inhabitant witnessed a pitched dark surrounding for almost 5 minutes, simulating night.

However, this giant black cloud is not the only weird thing about Turkey. Till now, its horizon has witnessed strange things and events, making it an epicenter of mystery.

Do you remember the saucer-like cloud that appeared in Bursa, Turkey, on January 19? Have you heard about the flashing meteor in the Istanbul sky two days ago? Do you ever wonder why an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes shattered Turkey to its core while the same magnitude of earthquake only brought slight vibrations in Pakistan?

Let’s uncover some mysterious moments, like this and many others, that have landed in Turkey over the years.

Dark Cloud Over Istanbul Horizon

Dark cloud
Image Source TRT HABER

The giant dark cloud engulfed Istanbul for over five minutes on April 20. According to the Istanbul time, this event happened between 10 am to 12 pm.

One of the popular persons in Turkey, Tansu Yegen, tweeted,

“Yesterday, Istanbul was suddenly covered by a giant black cloud up to ten kilometers in size. The Sun was not visible for 5 minutes, and the city became dark, as if at night.” He also posted a 19-second video showcasing this giant hovering.

Many give their opinions about this process. A netizen called it the ‘Mammatus cloud.’ Such clouds arise on the ocean and sea coast. Most of the time, they’re either opaque or translucent. However, many considered it a bad omen, as it indicates storm or severe weather conditions calling for black candles.

Due to this event, Istanbul airport also stopped incoming and outgoing flights for a short time.

While hinting at sarcasm, another user tweeted, “Now they know how it feels to live after a meteor hit Earth and the impact covers the planet with dust and smoke blocking the sun,”

More interesting, the Istanbul weather didn’t predict something unusual like this.

Many people pointed out that even solar eclipses never leave Earth in this sheer darkness. That’s why this must be very dense and completely blocked by sun rays.

However, the secret to how the giant cloud covers the entire space is yet unknown!

Saucer-shaped Cloud


dark cloud
Image Source Getty Images

This is, so far, the most interesting phenomenon that the human eye has ever witnessed. Besides, this rose-colored cloud stunned everyone and took social media by storm. Most people called this lenticular cloud over the Bursa ‘UFO,’ located 50 miles south of Istanbul. However, this mesmerizing view has a scientific explanation.

Bursa is situated in the foothills, which very likely plays a protagonist role in the appearance of this spiral-shaped cloud. This Turkey city is located 50 miles south of Istanbul.

These clouds arise where there’s a likelihood of a linearly stratified environment. Under normal circumstances, this layered atmosphere maintains its integrity to avoid any intermingling. Mostly it happens with hilly or mountainous surroundings. Further, the blowing wind also induces the air particles to rise from the terrain.

On January 19 similar event happened. The fast wind blew over the western coast of Turkey, making air particles rise up and form this lenticular cloud. However, nothing for sure can be said so far.

Mysterious Meteor Falling

A bizarre meteor with a sparkling explosion is common in the Turkish sky. In 2021, between the night of 31 July and 1 August, a giant meteor gave a flashing green hue in the sky, simulating an explosion. The residents of Izmir were awestruck by this unbelievable sight. After a few seconds, this video became viral, showcasing bursting green flames in the sky.

However, this Meteor bombard has not been stopped. On April 24, residents of Istanbul saw another flashing meteor in the sky. This bright meteor suddenly illuminated the sky while leaving everyone in complete shock.

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