Death zone Everest will most likely get a large number of climbers this summer due to record climbing permits by Nepal.

This record number of climbers can induce a potential traffic jam when teams are making their final ascent through the death zone.

Death zone Everest
Showing the way to the gigantic Mount Everest

A similar situation happened in May 2019 due to overcrowding. At that time, approximately nine people had died at a height of 8,849 meters. However, despite seeing the deadliest season, the Nepal government is not making an informed decision to reach the Everest base camp height.

Before proceeding, if you’re thinking, ‘Where is Everest?’ Let me answer that! This roof of the world is situated between Nepal and Tibet. That’s why Nepal has the authority to handle its permit-related issues.

Nepal Handed Record of 463 Permits

Irrespective of a previous unfortunate event, the Nepal government handed over a climbing permit to 463 individuals. These passionate climbers will embark on their new journey like a paw patrol Everest between March and May.

According to the latest statistics, most people climbing paw patrol Everest are from China, 96. The second most climbers are from the U.S. with 87, while on the third spot rests India with 40 climbers.

Nepal is in a high authority position, as it houses eight world’s highest mountain ranges. However, many Western climbers think that Nepal should handle this position wisely. It cannot give access to all offering a good amount of $ 11,000.

However, this figure breaks the record for the previous year’s number of climbers. Also, this eagerness to reach the highest point will potentially generate traffic jams. Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering Company also highlighted this issue.

“The challenges with more climbers on the mountain will be potential traffic jams on the climbing route, especially if the weather windows are few and far between.”

What Will Happen if the Death Zone Everest Queues Up?

” Climbing Mount Everest is like running on a treadmill while inhaling each whiff of oxygen through a straw. ”

The death zone, situated at the height of 8000 m, integrates the summits of the 14 tallest mountains. Moreover, the Mount Everest summit also lies here. This place is declared a death zone for multiple reasons. However, when ‘death zone Everest’ is over-crowded, it’ll make this place more deadly.

The human body works optimally at sea level, maintaining good lungs and oxygen saturation. But as a person goes higher than the sea level, the oxygen level depletes in his body. Subsequently, the body cells start to die, resulting in stroke or brain death. A similar phenomenon happened when a person entered a death zone.

Unfortunately, the situation can become worse, if the place is clustered with people. In that situation, the overall oxygen level declines, and suffocation gradually impairs the body.

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