I just heard a voice, “Who’s Samara Joy?” For sure, that person lives in the stone age if he doesn’t know these two Grammys owner, reviving Jazz music in this era.

Samara Joy revives old-school jazz with her melodious and timeless voice. Within a short span, Samara has conquered the world with her velvety soft voice, bringing back the golden era of jazz.

This terrific singer has just turned 23; however, one can appreciate her voice’s maturity, firmness, and freshness.

Samara joy has also bagged two Grammy awards for “best jazz vocal album” and “best new artist.” Speaking in London about that big night, Samara added,

Jazz music
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“My eyes were closed, and I was holding my little brother’s hand; and when she said my name, it was like, ‘Oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot!’

“All these people stood up for me, Adele, Lizzo, Taylor Swift… so I was completely flushed, completely humbled.” Further, she said, “Beyoncé told me congratulations after the show, which was ridiculous. Me in the same room as Beyonce? And her knowledge of my existence? It’s just crazy.”

As far as her early life is concerned, Samara Joy was born in McLendon and raised in New York. In an interview, Samara expressed how she discovered her love for music. Her nano and dad would upload music on her iPod. That playlist includes Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder albums. That’s how her love for classical jazz music develops.

Also, she has won the “Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition” and “Ella Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship.” All these tokens of appreciation are due to her mellifluous voice. Altogether, Samara knows how and when to hit the right note with emotional intensity.

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