VW Bus Launches ID Buzz SUV With a Sweet Campaign

VW Bus
Image Source: VW

Are you ready to witness tomorrow’s technology today? If so, you must get along with a VW bus worth-mentioning journey.

Get ready to have a glimpse of rebooted VW Bus. This new experience with a fully electric van ID Buzz let you feel clean and direct. Since the 1970s, the company has not been manufacturing the original product. Interestingly, the VW bus model is coming after decades.

The VW ID Buzz series is launching in 2024. However, you can still have a sneak peek of its impeccable designs in Time Square, New York, and Downtown LA.

Since 2019, the creative agency Johannes Leonardo has been working with the VW brand. From the very beginning, it aims to design a thoughtful campaign. Likewise, this year, it has resumed its promising stance.

Moreover, the creative studio ‘Preymaker’ adds a touch of the 1950s by adding simple yet effective lines. VW describes this experience as, “a simplicity to the design that felt so refreshing and optimistic”.

VW bus launches sweet and copy-centric ads. One can read sugary lines, such as “Missed the bus? Us Too,” Hello, Sunshine,” and ‘It’s back, its front, its side, its back again.”

“The VW Bus is famous for its iconic two-tone paint job, and as such, we wanted the advertising for its successor to be just as simple and ownable,” Santana says. “We also tapped into the classic VW optimistic and witty tone to get all of America excited by its impending arrival.”

Knowingly the campaign adds a quirky voice. Followed by oddball humor, and double-meaning punctuation.

Jonathan Santana, executive creative director at Johannes Leonardo said, “Our goal was to make the campaign as simple and iconic as the original bus centered on its classic two-tone paint job accompanied with smart witty headlines in true VW style.”