Building on Born in the Woods, Timberland takes its green passion outdoors with New York City events and a push in Chicago and LA.

Timberland has kicked off a series of fall-inspired events in New York City with the unveiling of a 13-foot replica of its iconic boot in the Flatiron District. Representative of its New England roots and urban lifestyle footprint, the symbol embraces nature in the city and reflects betterment for future generations.

Visitors to the pop-up park are encouraged to post eco-pledges on the birch tree—anything from using metal straws instead of plastic ones to eating organic. In return for their participation, Timberland will invite them to build on site and take home a potted plant to add to the green of their personal space.

The effort will also see Timberland head to the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in East Harlem, where elements of the pop-up park will find a permanent home. More than 150 volunteers will restore a rooftop greenhouse, install a living roof, and construct an outdoor classroom as well as gathering space.

Representatives from Journeys and the Student Conservation Association are involved with the project. Trees will be planted and enhancements made to the school grounds and surrounding neighbourhood. Timberland has pledged to restore 500,000 square-feet of green space nationwide across the next five years.

The campaign culminates with an event at a new Timberland pop-up store at Fifth Avenue. While the venue runs until January, the activation exercise, open to the public, happens on 19 October 2018 and will feature entertainment, giveaways, and boots raffled off every hour from 12:30 pm.

The brand will be visible through its 2018 campaign: Born in the woods. Raised in the city. The push includes outdoor executions with digital billboards in Manhattan and around Penn Station, alongside partial station domination at Union Square. A media campaign kicks off in Chicago and Los Angeles.

“We are guided by a greater purpose: to step outside, work together, and make it better. Green spaces are the heartbeat of a community. They provide a place to play and explore as well as enhance quality of life. Simply put, they make neighbourhoods stronger,” said Jim Pisani, Global Brand President of Timberland.

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