Fujifilm has created a campaign around its reinvention. Having debuted in Japan and the United States, it will run in three other global markets.

Fujifilm has introduced Never Stop, a global push which has rolled in in Japan and the United States, with dates set for Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Its aim is to highlight the brand’s commitment to achievement and growth, while the message is continued innovation and expertise.

Paying homage to the establishment of its Second Foundation, the effort depicts the restructure of Fujifilm since 2000. It also captures the success of having transitioned from a business focused on photographic film to one that now delivers a diverse array of value-adding offerings.

The video illustrates how the group embraced disruption by expanding into digital products and services and evolving toward technology to build expertise in areas like healthcare, high-functioning materials, and imaging solutions. Never Stop unveils the elevated brand identity and essence of Fujifilm.

Fujifilm has also developed a dedicated website around the campaign to further consumer engagement and footprint worldwide. In line with the slogan, the company sheds light on the technologies and solutions which define its positioning and points of differentiation across a highly competitive landscape.

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