NewFest and Ogilvy have launched Lose Yourself. Find Yourself—an anniversary campaign supporting the LGBTQ community through film.

To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of New York’s LGBT Film Festival, Ogilvy has developed a creative push in tandem with NewFest, which features people from the community and shares the many stories that have shaped the brand’s footprint over the past three decades and backed queer television.

Titled Lose Yourself. Find Yourself, the platform aims to illustrate that no matter how one identifies, a part of him or her is represented in LGBTQ movies. The NewFest event runs for a week and happens from 24 to 30 October 2018. The project showcases a series of portraits treated with a fluid iridescent film.

Iridescent by definition means having or showing shifting changes in colour, as when seen from different angles. Like the notion of identity, it delivers the notion that sexuality, ethnicity, and every other signifier used for identification is in a state of flux—and can be seen differently from a variety of perspectives.

The NewFest campaign applies a combination of social media impressions and out-of-home placements at Times Square as well as across taxis, bus shelters, and phone kiosks. A bold initiative, it endeavours to attract a younger, diverse, and more inclusive audience and promises LGBTQ support through film.

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