Subaru Canada will launch #SubaruDarkSky in spring, a campaign to encourage the locals to travel outside and see the night sky.

As evidenced by its prominent and easily identifiable Pleiades-inspired logo, Subaru has had its head in the stars since the brand saw inception during the third quarter of 1953. Holding steadfast to its continuous fantastical dream of reaching for the sky, the carmaker has conceptualised a unique campaign for its market in the Great White North to steer consumers in exactly that direction.

According to the company, because of urban light, the night sky has become so bright that an estimated 85 percent of Canadians are not able to see more than a few of the brightest stars. In response, the group is launching #SubaruDarkSky in spring, an initiative aimed at altering the above phenomenon by encouraging the locals to get out there and re-discover the night sky.

“A night sky filled with stars is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. And yet, there are a lot of people—kids and adults—who have never seen more than a few stars in the sky,” said Joe Felstein Director of Marketing at Subaru. The Subaru Dark Sky Project has partnered with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, who will help provide expertise and up-to-date stargazing information.

A monumental contender in the automotive arena, the marque is placing the 2016 Subaru Outback in a position to drive the aforementioned strategy forward. As the midsize SUV alternative equipped for adventure, the model is designed to help consumers to “get more enjoyment out of life.” Developed by Red Urban, the campaign captures a family theme and champions the upside to stargazing.

The effort is slated to debut with digital components alongside a cinema spot which connects to a dedicated microsite. The online platform allows users the opportunity to learn about stargazing, how to get to them, how to get the most out of them, and Dark Sky Preserves. Social content tagged with #SubaruDarkSky will share tips, information, photos, and experiences around the activity.

Meanwhile, the choice of two Subaru Boxer engines spotlights the vehicles potency, efficiency, and satisfaction. The model’s symmetrical AWD system is complemented by X-Mode for added capability, while the car-like handling renders the open road equally enticing. There are also advanced safety systems, refinement, utility, generous passenger space, and ample amenities to make even an eventful drive feel civilised.

“It fits so well with the Subaru brand not only because Subaru is about getting out and enjoying nature, but also because the Subaru logo just happens to be the Pleiades cluster, which is famous for being one of the brightest and most beautiful constellations in the sky. In fact, in Japan, that cluster is known as Subaru. So we thought this initiative a perfect fit,” said Christina Yu, Creative Director at Red Urban.

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