Campaign by Sabra Turns Consumer Sentiment into Anthem saying “I Just had Sabra Hummus and Now I Feel Good!”

Sabra Dipping Company, a manufacturer of hummus, launched a new creative advertising campaign that tunefully expresses the ‘food joy’ of hummus lovers. The refrain of the campaign’s jingle is inspired by actual consumer feedback about the brand: “I just had Sabra hummus and now I feel good!”

“We live in a culture of food enthusiasm, and hummus lovers are particularly passionate about expressing their love for this plant-based dip. The campaign celebrates the feelings hummus fans articulate about why they love our brand.

“For some it is about sharing something better for you, for others it is about staying satisfied during a busy day, but for everyone it comes down to the joy of not having to compromise—the ability to savour fantastic flavour and feel great about your choice.

“We heard our fans, and we are proud that this campaign voices the sentiments they share with us via social media, in store and at home,” said Sara Braca, Marketing Director for Sabra.

The broadcast, print and digital campaign, called Feel Good Food, debuts 12 March with 15-second and 30-second spots portraying fans of the brand so pleased to be enjoying Sabra hummus that they are compelled to sing its praises and then hold it close to their heart.

The lighthearted and charming tone portrays this very real, accessible food in idealistic everyday settings, illustrating the various benefits of enjoying Sabra. Feel Good Food spotlights the notion that fans don’t settle. They appreciate a great food experience while feeling fantastic about what they are eating or sharing with those they care about—friends, guests, family.

Fully integrated print, digital, PR, social and experiential activations will deliver campaign messaging across platforms.

“Sabra is known for inspiring a fresh way of eating flavourful, feel good food. Feel good food is food that does not compromise. It tastes better and is better for you. This is no small feat for food in a world where we do not always get to enjoy something that tastes fantastic without feeling bad about it. So of course, it only made sense to sing about it,” said David Muhlenfeld, VP, Creative Director for The Martin Agency.

The campaign was created in partnership with the brand’s creative agency of record, The Martin Agency, based in Richmond, Virginia, home to the brand’s hummus manufacturing facility and Centre of Excellence.

Sabra Dipping Company is a US/Canadian joint venture between PepsiCo and Strauss Group.

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