The second Porsche electric vehicle perfectly combines fast performance with everyday driving efficiency.

The renowned German automaker Porsche, reveals its second-ever model of an all-electric vehicle. This latest addition to their lineup is the EV Macan, which is available in two variants: the Macan 4 and the more powerful Macan Turbo.

Both of these all-electric SUVs feature powerful 100-kilowatt-hour batteries. These are also the first Porsches with an 800-volt design, allowing them to charge from 10 to 80 percent in 21 minutes using a 270-kilowatt DC fast charger.

the new electric vehicle porsche macan
Image source Porsche

In addition, the introduction of the electric version of Porsche’s Macan model coincides with the 10th anniversary of its original launch in 2014. This electric iteration represents Porsche’s second fully electric vehicle, following the release of the £83,367.00 Taycan in 2019. The Macan 4 will be available starting at £69,800, while the Turbo model will be priced at £95,000. Expect to see them hit the market in the second half of the year.

On the road, performance remains stellar: the Macan 4 boasts the equivalent of 402 horsepower, while the Turbo model impresses with 630 hp. Acceleration figures are equally impressive, with the Macan 4 achieving 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and the Turbo in 3.1 seconds. The range is also a highlight, with Porsche claiming well over 300 miles per charge for its SUVs.

Additionally, the interior of the Macan will showcase a sophisticated array of displays dubbed the Porsche Driver Experience by the company. This system integrates displays in front of the driver and on the console, along with augmented reality technology. This technology can overlay digital navigation arrows onto the road ahead as you drive, enhancing your driving experience.

the new electric vehicle porsche macan
Image source Porsche

Michael Mauer, the director of Style Porsche said in a statement, “With the all-electric Macan, we are presenting the first Porsche that we are taking electric from an established product identity,”. “The new Macan is clearly recognizable by its brand identity as part of the Porsche product family.

“The classic Porsche proportions have been further developed and optimally adapted to the challenges of an electric vehicle. This has further heightened its sporty, modern, and dynamic appearance. The design makes it clear: the Macan remains the sports car in its segment, even in electric form”, he added.

The electric Macan is expected to offer enhanced practicality compared to its predecessor. The cabin, especially the back seat, benefits from a more space-efficient layout enabled by the new electric platform. Additionally, a 2.9 cubic foot (82 L) frunk is located under the hood, along with 18 cubic feet (510 L) of cargo volume in the rear with the rear seats in use. This space expands to 46.5 cubic feet (1,316 L) when the rear seats are folded, providing ample storage capacity.

Learn more about the latest edition of Porsche Macan here.

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