An independent market intelligence organization, SupplyTech Breakthrough, has designated a Logistics expert Bleckmann, a recipient of the “Overall Logistics Innovation 2023 Awards Program.” 

SupplyTech Breakthrough organization evaluates and recognizes standout technology companies, products, and services in the global supply chain technology and logistics industries.

Without a doubt, Bleckmann is an expert in Supply Chain Management (SCM) for fashion and lifestyle brands. It offers various sustainable solutions for growing businesses. Further, Bleckmann Logistics UK Limited serves several renowned brands, including Gymshark, Cos, and Karl Lagerfeld. 

More gratitude to the Renewal Workshop (TRW) and the incorporation of the renewal services into its supply chain solutions portfolio. Furthermore, Bleckmann entitles apparel and textile brands to upgrade post-consumer products’ lives once deemed unsellable. 

Besides, the Renewal Workshop solution assists in restoring items that can be resold, generating new revenue opportunities for brands. The program aims at mitigating pollution from the overall ‘waste’ stream and incorporating sustainable processes in making products to reduce carbon and other negative environmental impacts. 

Image source Rooom

Through the renewal process, the system also tracks individual products, fulfillment, and distribution centers. Thereby, creating data on product quality and faults. 

Chief Business Development Officer at Bleckmann, Jurrie-Jan Tap, said: “Bleckmann’s Renewal Workshop allows brands to tell a new and different story to their customers. Consequently, increasing brand equity, loyalty, retention, and customer value. We’re thrilled to be among the 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards winners.”

The main ambition of the annual SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards Program is to conduct the industry’s “most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the top technology companies, solutions, and products in the supply chain and logistics industry today”.

Managing Director of SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards, Bryan Vaughn, said: Through the acquisition and integration of The Renewal Workshop, Bleckmann has developed something that is now repeatable and scalable.

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