Deloitte Digital and Salesforce have come together to provide organisations and businesses worldwide with the necessary strategies to utilise AI for CRM. The collaboration sees the two assisting clients in harnessing the strength of AI for CRM for company productivity, customer experience, and data protection.

During the collaboration, Deloitte Digital will provide its industry experience, AI services, and data protection knowledge for organisations to use Salesforce AI Cloud. The cloud consists of open, business-ready, AI-powered applications for businesses to connect with their customers better. 

The timely collaboration comes as AI for CRM requires high trust and data security levels. Research by Salesforce revealed that at least 73% of employees regard AI as an exciting venture but a new security risk. Furthermore, up to 60% of them expressed interest in AI for CRM but do not have proper data security knowledge. 

Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework highlights six fundamental practices on how AI can be regulated to perform well – fair and impartial; robust and reliable; privacy; safe and secure; responsible and accountable; and transparent and explainable.

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce Combine Their Best AI Practices

The Deloitte Digital and Salesforce collaboration will help clients be well-equipped to use AI for CRM, learn how AI can propel their industries further, and upskill their AI for CRM skills. 

Clara Shih, the CEO of Salesforce AI, stated, “Today every organisation must become an AI-first company to compete, and that can only be done by adopting technologies rooted in trust and transparency. Salesforce’s work with Deloitte Digital will help ensure organisations have the strategies and technologies they need to confidently adopt and deploy AI for CRM, driving personalised customer experiences and immediate business outcomes.”

The consulting arm of Deloitte, Deloitte Digital combines consultancy and creativity to provide effective and creative solutions to conquer their client’s challenges. Its new partnership with cloud-based CRM platform Salesforce will integrate AI into the customer experience to deliver a more efficient, safe, and engaging journey.

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