The Nike Vision campaign by Catch New York will feature a three-part documentary series and Olympic medallist, Bershawn Jackson.

After a two-year development process, Nike Vision has appointed New York based agency, Catch, to handle the launch which is set to feature Olympic medallist, Bershawn Jackson, as well as showcase the brand’s reimagined performance eyewear collection for elite runners.

Having partnered with eyewear giant, Marchon Eyewear, a division of VSP Global, and lens manufacturer, Zeiss Optics, the sportswear juggernaut will introduce the SP16 line featuring next-generation performance sunglasses which were inspired by aeronautics and designed for athletes.

The lead product, Nike Vaporwing Elite, spotlights a lens which works as a frame. Equipped with capabilities such as optimum clarity, light materials, a ventilated fit, and aerodynamic strategy, the features increase the ability to focus on motion without being visually distracted or impaired by environmental conditions.

With the range offering physical and psychological advantages, telling the story of how Nike Vision created the new product has become the main campaign idea. A 30-second premiere spot, where eyes are surgically merged with sunglasses, was teased recently along with the debut of a new website.

Catch New York spoke with professional, collegiate, and dedicated amateur runners as well as coaches and sports psychologists as part of an extensive discovery process. The insights uncovered helped said team concentrate on the evolution of the eye, a story to be told in a three-part documentary series.

Your Eyes Have Evolved will present via short films. The first, debuting in May, tells of the Vaporwing design, while the manufacturing story is to follow at month-end. The third provides the perspective of the athlete as told by Jackson, who is an American 400-meter hurdler and is debuting in June.

The digital push primarily targets competitive and elite runners through media partners like Runner’s World, Competitor Group and Triathlete as well as through Nike Vision’s social channels and paid media campaigns slated to run across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Catch, the agency behind the effort was engaged to manage strategy, creative development, production, paid media, and social media for the aforementioned exercise. The firm partnered with Whitelist on film production, the Exchange Lab for programmatic ads, and Built for website design work.

Parent company, Nike, was a winner at the 2015-2016 World Branding Awards as well as the year (2014-2015) before that under the Sports Retail (Global) category.

Video credit: adsoftheworldvideos (Nike Vision: Evolution)

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