The return of the 1967 model is being marked with a Fiat campaign featuring two primary spots and the ambassadorship of Wyclef Jean.

Fiat is celebrating the return of the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider with the debut of two new videos titled Free Like a Bird and No Blue Pill Needed. The spots go live on the brand’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook channels, with additional content slated for its digital channels, including Instagram.

“Our creative mindset is to always innovate. Free Like a Bird is the first commercial ever filmed by an eagle and this distinctive approach demanded music that was equally compelling to serve as the backdrop for the image, and Wyclef Jean enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity,” said Olivier Francois, CMO at FCA – Global.

Meanwhile, No Blue Pill Needed leverages the strength of the original award-wining Blue Pill, which has since garnered more than 30 million views on YouTube. Allowing its followers to act as a sound board for the carmaker’s campaigns has proven successful for the brand in the past.

Posting longer-form versions of both videos, which first appeared during the reveal of the Fiat 124 Spider at the Geneva and Los Angeles auto shows respectively, affords the opportunity to see the reactions of fans so they may inspire the decision around the official television campaign.

Capturing the 1967 roadster’s classic heritage, Fiat reached new heights as the first commercial was filmed by an eagle in flight through the mountains of Palinuro in Italy. The 82-minute video with a soundtrack featuring the American artiste runs across YouTube with additional content available via social media.

Complementary footage for Free Like a Bird includes Meet the Director, 360 Video Experience, and Behind the Scenes. Meanwhile, in the second video, an elderly gentleman (Nini Salerno, with Adele Pandolfi reprising their roles from the original) finds his bottle of blue pills empty and races in Fiat 124 Spider to get more.

Along the drive, set to the music, Papa Loves Mambo, he discovers that his pills are no longer needed. He returns home to his wife and proudly announces that “We’re back”—a nod to the vehicle’s comeback. Supplementary social content will be posted across Fiat’s social channels using the hashtag #NoBluePillNeeded.

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