it’s time for the london Streets foodies to tell that the best food hasn’t been served yet!

London streets will soon be loaded with epic dishes and exotic tastes. At this moment, Time Out and Uber Eats teamed up to sprinkle over some new tastes.

Undoubtedly, London houses the best art and entertainment. However, one must think of how to cut through this hassle to reach a desirable destination. That’s why Time Out offers a simple solution through its endless recommendations.

Following this, Time Out also drives a platform to spread awareness about Uber Eats. Through this valuable platform, one can choose local favorites. That’s how this Time Out and Uber Eats team will celebrate London foodies.

Moreover, the bespoke Time Out and Uber Eats campaign, Big Dish Energy, will intermingle with Time Out curation.

Also, each month this campaign will celebrate London’s most tempting foods by knocking on chefs’ kitchens. Along with a light chat session, you’ll get a deep insight into Uber Eats recommendations.

Thus, with Time Out’s editor Leonie Cooper, you’ll get across various London neighborhoods and their naive cooking skills.

London Streets

What Else to See on London Streets?

Similarly, Time Out Instagram and TitTok will illustrate how these exotic foods get into the limelight. It will share expert advice and give a sneak peek into your favorite London chefs’ lives. Thus, these digital features will recommend you worth trying dishes in the area.

Moreover, this agile campaign will also focus on existing and new delivery demands for Uber Eats. Besides, Uber Eats will also release promo codes for the Time Out audience to have unlimited access to offers and rewards.

Maya Gallego Spiers, Head of Uber Eats Marketing said: “We’re excited to team up with Time Out to bring London’s best food to the comfort of peoples’ homes with this impactful campaign. Together we will celebrate local restaurants and hero dishes to help drive sales for our London restaurant partners.”

Gareth Thomas, Director of Strategic Client Partnerships at Time Out commented: The bespoke campaign we created for Uber Eats is fun, authentic, and inspiring and most importantly allows our partner to directly support their key restaurants. It’s an engaging campaign that I know our food fanatic audience will embrace and I’m looking forward to seeing the social videos, branded content, and live event showing people how to taste the best of the city with Uber Eats.”


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