Mindshare and POSSIBLE have partnered to create a platform that helps brands leverage their investments across the Amazon sphere.

Mindshare and POSSIBLE are launching a new offering to help brands leverage their media and ecommerce investments across the entire Amazon ecosystem. The platform is a combination of media planning and buying and data analysis, alongside strategy, ecommerce, and creative expertise from both WPP agencies.

The tie-up will see media buying, planning, and optimisation on Amazon integrated across a client’s broader media investments, while ecommerce services are being synchronised to include channel strategy, assortment optimisation, content development and optimisation, and shelf management.

Other highlights include innovation services focused on new brand experiences within the Amazon ecosystem and a centralised source of insight focused on Amazon Prime members. The deal also entails measurement, reporting, and analytics which best encapsulate a brand’s presence and performance.

Managed collectively, the services unify sales, brand marketing, as well as shopper and ecommerce efforts for heightened efficiency and impact. The platform is being offered now because Amazon has become central to the lives of both consumers and brands, and there is a need for an integrated solution.

The tie-up will leverage the full media and ecommerce capabilities of both agencies and the wider WPP ecosystem. The offering is being made available across key markets to include Seattle, New York, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Singapore.

“Brands not thinking about Amazon as a media platform run the risk of becoming obsolete. Understanding where and how to spend media dollars is important, and integrating that spend into the media strategy is where brand loyalty and greater demand are achieved,” said Joe Migliozzi, Shop+ Lead at Mindshare.

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