Completely Free Internet Service on Select Domestic Flights from 1 February through 31 August

Japan Airlines (JAL) has upgraded its current 15 minutes free in-flight internet campaign, to a completely free internet service on all domestic flights, which are operated by aircraft equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi system. The new campaign will be available from 1 February through 31 August 2017.

“Free Flight Pass” button will appear on the portal top page after connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi. The internet service will be available from 5 minutes after take-off until 5 minutes before landing.

During flights, customers will be able to use in-flight Wi-Fi for free and without time limitation on select JAL’s domestic routes. JAL’s 77 domestic aircraft have been equipped with Inflight Wi-Fi system.

In-flight video programmes such as sports, gourmet, music and animation films are also provided on Wi-Fi equipped aircraft on domestic routes. Customers can have access to the free programmes by using their own Wi-Fi devices.

Only domestic flights operated by JAL Sky Next aircraft are applicable. This campaign will not be available for international aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi system, which are operated on domestic routes.

Visit JAL Sky Next to find out more on its operating routes.

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