Jahan Loh X ACU Built Inflatable Golden Ingots Chamber for ‘Live Long & Prosper’ Theme


In collaboration with ACU, a Singaporean pop artist Jahan Loh creates an immersive inflatable Golden Ingots Chamber to dive into the world of positivity and abundance.

Activating from November 10 through November 19, this “Live Long & Prosper” theme will be hosted by the “Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.”

While keeping the Chinese expression “黄金满地,” the floor covered in gold, an epicentre of their theme, Jahan Loh x ACU roll out backdrops of perpetual golden ingots. Playing around a large LED display, the space, eventually, lights up when the complementary golden hue strikes the reflective walls of the chamber.

Further, the amplification of the richness of the display is brought about by 1,888 inflatable ingots. Packed into the centre, these ingots simulate a children’s ball pit where visitors can dive into streams of gold.

What Else Beside Inflatable Golden Ingots

The Jahan Loh x ACU joint venture produces the “God of Fortune BE@RBRIK” series. These collectible block-style figures come in Painted Cast Vinyl material and dimensions measuring 11 × 3 9/10 × 2 in | 28 × 10 × 5 cm. With this ACU Jade God of Fortune 1000% Be@rbrick comes a lucky draw. However, visitors can only win these pieces if they purchase something from the exhibition shop. Also, they have designed limited-edition T-shirts for you to wear while entering the Golden Chamber.

Image Source Jahan Loh x ACU

Hence, this preview of the Golden Chamber gives an insight into the “deep-rooted Chinese mentality surrounding auspiciousness.” Moreover, the real purpose of Jahan Loh behind building this mesmerizing hue of gold and yellow is to deliver what really brings happiness.

According to this Singaporean street artist real wealth and happiness are beyond material possessions. Instead, what fulfills your life with happiness is the freedom to pursue passion alongside your close ones.

Head over to the “Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre” website to get more information to enrich your soul with this mesmerizing experience.

Image Source Jahan Loh x ACU
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