In line with the rebrand, IMG will continue to operate with the goal of providing Global Peace of Mind to its members and constituents.

IMG has unveiled its new corporate branding and logo. The group’s constituents (members, intermediaries, partners, and employees) are represented by the emblem’s four inverted angles, while symbolic of a flock of Arctic terns—birds whose annual migration is the longest in the world.

A symbol of global mobility, the Arctic tern signifies the passage associated with travelling, working, and living internationally. A more vibrant colour palette complements the updated insignia, bringing to life the bright future ahead for the brand and the opportunities the company provides.

In its entirety, the redesigned logo serves as a visual representation of the marque’s mission to protect and enhance the health and well-being of its constituents. Meanwhile, the company will continue to operate under said mantra, with the goal of providing Global Peace of Mind to its members.

“After more than 25 years as a leader in the industry, it was time to refresh our brand identity. The new logo reflects our focus on providing a foundation of security, health, and well-being for our members while they’re away from home,” said Todd A. Hancock, President and CEO of IMG.

International Medical Group’s comprehensive rebrand rolls out globally in phases over the next year, and will include the network’s websites, marketing materials, and subsidiaries. Meanwhile, IMG Europe maintains the same strategic services abroad, with the added benefit of similar time zones.

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