New “Fight Mehdiocrity” campaign by Honda shatters preconceived notions that good looks and performance need to be sacrificed for great fuel economy

A multi-channel campaign for the all-new 2019 Honda Insight beginning today, promises a much-needed alternative to its “Meh” hybrid vehicle competition. Similar to the phrase “Blah,” the term “Meh” is a commonly used expression for a lack of excitement.

In the new “Fight Mehdiocrity” campaign, the brand highlights the uniqueness of the all-new Insight, with its sophisticated and universally appealing sedan styling – whilst portraying other cars in its class for the feelings they inspire – Meh. Ugh. Blah.

The campaign makes it clear that drivers do not need to sacrifice the desire for styling, performance, passenger space and cargo room to achieve great gas mileage. “Fight Mehdiocrity” will air on television in the US starting today and through autumn – when the campaign expands to the brand’s social and digital platforms, including a series of social videos that will depict the ‘Meh’mobiles’ featured in the TV campaign.

“Our new marketing campaign introduces the all-new Insight as simply a great sedan to demonstrate that a hybrid vehicle can be a beautiful thing. We have created a campaign to show that with the Insight, you can have a fuel-efficient vehicle without compromising great styling and fun-to-drive performance,” said Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Honda Marketing at American Honda Motor Co, Inc.

This autumn, the Insight campaign’s print, digital and social media extensions ramp up. To maximise awareness, the Insight will be featured in homepage takeovers on sites such as Yahoo!, MSN and YouTube surrounding major sporting events including the NFL Kickoff, NBA Opening week and the brand-sponsored Little League World Series.

The use of social video and rich mobile ad units in this campaign are intended to appeal to a younger, active audience. The Insight also will be integrated into various Gimlet lifestyle podcasts to highlight the benefits of hybrid technology through native storytelling content.

Insight joins the Clarity series and 2018 Accord Hybrid as the fifth new electrified vehicle introduced by the brand over the past year. As a premium compact sedan, Insight is positioned and priced between Civic and Accord in the brand’s passenger car lineup.

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