Spring Festival Greetings from Haier Encourages People With Different Cultural Backgrounds to Celebrate Family Reunion

As a global home appliances brand and an active member of China’s National Brands Project, Haier recently released a series of new year videos to promote the “family culture”, which featured a loving American family, a romantic French family, a hardworking New Zealand family, and a cross-border Chinese family.

The featured families span different continents and hemispheres, providing a unique global perspective on the occasion of the festival season.

The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, is around the corner, and the whole of China and all the Chinese communities around the world are brimming with the festive atmosphere.

Different countries with different cultural backgrounds will together celebrate the festival. Despite the cultural differences and different ways of celebrating the new year across the world, people all over the world share the same attachment to their family.

Different traditions in different countries result in the diversified family cultures. However, for the Chinese people and all the people around the world, family is their emotional harbor and “reunion” is the best way to rejuvenate the family tie.

The brand has entered every family’s daily life with its smart technologies, met their varied needs, and accompanied them in the most memorable new year moments.

In the past 33 years, it has explored the needs of different families in different countries and formed its unique global family culture.

By meeting the diversified demands of customers from different cultures and classes, the brand has successfully served global families and become a window to the global family culture.

With a global vision and the capability to explore differentiated demands of global customers to facilitate them with enhanced lifestyles, it has become a global leading player in the home appliances industry and a model for Chinese global brands.

Haier was a winner of the World Branding Awards 2017-2018, in the Electrical Appliances category.

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