Nowadays, it has become a common question, “Is the old Twitter verification process really phasing out?” Reportedly this news about the Twitter blue tick or blue badge has been circulated since last week.

According to the reports, Twitter will most likely impose a paid subscription to the blue badge. Consequently, those paying for it will only retain their most precious Twitter blue tick. Moreover, to meet this criterion, Twitter will implement this plan in April.

Twitter verification
Now only subscribed user can have a blue tick

At this moment, many people are asking, “When the blue tick will be disappeared?” So far, nothing constructive toward this has been noticed. However, Elon Musk has removed one tick sign from the account of the New York Times.

This appears that Elon Musk has done this in retaliation, as this news outlet announced to step back from this campaign. In his tweet, Elon Musk added, “Oh ok, we’ll take it off then.” Shortly after, the blue tick vanished from NYT’s Twitter logo face.

Twitter verification
Image Source Twitter
Twitter Verification
New York Times loses its blue tick Image Source Twitter

Last month this shocking revelation was made about Elon Musk Twitter. He announced that the Twitter blue tick from 1st April would be available for only those paying a monthly subscription of US$8 a month. Further, this rule is different for organizations, as they must pay US$1000 per month to get a blue check subscription.

According to the ‘Washington Post,’ this is not a one-day process, as it is pretty complex to be carried out. Regardless of this, many users have already subscribed to this idea.

After all this propaganda, Elon Musk Twitter doesn’t hold the same worth as it used to when Musk bought it six months back. According to a leaked report, its worth has been downgraded within six months to US$20bn.

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