Gatorade has teamed up with star footballers, Leo Messi and Gabriel Jesus, for its latest global push to roll out dubbed, Make Them Sweat.

Gatorade has launched a global campaign. Titled Make Them Sweat, it stars Leo Messi, four-time UEFA Champions League winner, alongside Manchester City star forward, Gabriel Jesus. The effort introduces visually-rich content for digital and social media engagement.

Crafted for impact on the pitch and beyond, its message draws viewers to the trademark footwork and accuracy of the elite athletes while on the field. True to the Gatorade theme, both elements combine to intensify the competition for opponents and “make them sweat.”

Based in Brooklyn, Colombian artist, Diego Patiño adds a meaningful layer to the integrated initiative. His hand-drawn illustrations will appear across select online channels. Meanwhile, the work of football illustrator, Dan Leydon, will be featured in a series of social stickers.

More than water is lost through sweat. Gatorade replaces the losses with fluids, carbs, and electrolytes. Rehydration helps one refuel and better performance. To meet such needs, its sports science institute works with athletes to create well-balanced, nutrient-rich products.

“We are backed by research to help athletes improve performance. Regardless of the sport, athletes are the ones who put in the work and perform at their best, while the competition chases and sweats to keep up,” said Emiliano Di Vincenzo, GM for Gatorade International.

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