Visit Finland has launched a campaign, Rent a Finn, inviting tourists from around the world to experience the Finnish way of living in nature.

Visit Finland has created a push inviting tourists from around the world to experience how the locals live in harmony with nature. Dubbed Rent a Finn, its aim is to introduce the Finnish hosts who will serve as happiness guides to guests they will welcome into their homes for a relaxing summer experience.

Chinese travellers are especially encouraged to apply. This is attributable to the sense of connectedness Chinese people have come to feel about the typical Finnish persona since Finnish Nightmares, a comic by Karoliina Korhonen, was published. The work is seen as complimentary of Finnish introversion.

Inspired by Matti, the cartoon character who prefers minimal contact and avoids social situations, the term Jingfen was coined by millennials to mean spiritually Finnish. His creator describes him as “a stereotypical Finn” who values peace, quiet, and his personal space as opposed to unessential chit chat.

With the Rent a Finn initiative by Visit Finland, Jingfen now have the opportunity to meet their Finnish counterparts for truly authentic local experiences. The application period runs until 21 April. Finland was named happiest nation for a second consecutive year in the UN’s 2019 World Happiness Report.

The Visit Finland campaign has enlisted eight Finns to work as happiness guides. Chosen from among hundreds of applicants, they will host their visitors for a few days as well as show them their own ways of relieving stress in nature. The visits take place over the summer of this year and will be free of charge for travellers.

“Many choose to visit Finland because of our uniquely peaceful nature and tranquillity. This campaign is in response to the global travel trend of living like a local, which is all about sharing genuine experiences with ordinary people,” said Heli Jimenez, Senior Director, International Marketing at Business Finland.

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