Gabriel & Co., the leader in bridal and fashion fine jewellery, is proud to introduce the 91>19 Bangle. Available today, 100% of proceeds from the new bangle will be donated to Jewellers For Children which supports children who have been affected by illness, abuse, or neglect.

The COVID-19 pandemic currently threatens to cripple every aspect of life from the health of loved ones, to the way individuals live their lives, coupled with major disruptions to the economy. Gabriel & Co. recognises the devastating effects this will have on non-profits and stands ready to help.

The sterling silver bracelet which retails for $91/£73.42, is engraved with the design 91>19. The inscribed 91 finds its inspiration from Psalm-91. Written first by the great prophet Moses and later composed into amulets by Jews and Christians during the late antique period, the verse cites that hope, comfort and faith shall rise above fear in times of trouble.

The 19 is a nod to COVID-19 whilst the sterling silver material is a reminder of the ‘silver linings’ that occur even in the darkest of times. Whether shoppers believe in a higher power or just the simple math of 91 being greater than 19, this formula and bracelet represent strength, comfort, and positivity.

Both Jack and Dominick Gabriel, devout spiritual brothers and Co-Founders of Gabriel & Co., hope the bangle will inspire wearers to come together and keep their faith. “We are always profoundly struck by what jewellery can mean during uncertain times to help us stay strong,” states Jack.

Dominick follows up by saying “We designed a silver unisex bangle with the inscription of 91>19 on the front and with ‘No harm shall overcome us’ inscribed on the inside to spread this message.”

David Rocha, Executive Director of Jewellers For Children, states: “We greatly appreciate the continued support of Gabriel & Co. They are always at the front of the line when it comes to helping JFC meet our mission of helping the children who need it most. Jack and Dominick personify what it means to come together and help others during these challenging times.”

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