The campaign is an extension to ‘Drive with Care – Lost in the Rain’ initiative introduced last year

With a thought evoking theme focused on child safety, Chevrolet India new initiative is intended to reinstate child safety measures and raise awareness about the highly neglected practice by motorists.

According to the statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau India, almost 43 children die in road accidents across the country each day. Child Safety on roads is a neglected issue by most, because of lack of awareness amongst both parents & children. Chevrolet will take an innovative approach towards road safety underscoring the essential road safety measures which is one of the highest hazards of road accidents today.

According to the World Health Organisation, using a child seat decreases the risk of death in a crash by about 70% for infants and up to 80% for small children, and should therefore be made compulsory for safer road practices.

The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness through disruptive on-ground engagement. Chevrolet will leverage the digital marketing platform and will be partnering with schools to ensure a widespread messaging across the target audience. A dedicated campaign page on the Chevrolet website will also be created, all under one campaign hashtag #ProtectYourPrecious.

“We at Chevrolet believe in keeping our customers and all our employees at the centre of everything that we do. Taking Chevrolet’s brand commitment forward, we have initiated the new ‘Drive with Care’ campaign this year which will focus on safety of the kids and will enhance awareness on the importance of Child Safety when on roads. As a global brand that considers safety as a priority, it is important for us to promote safe driving habits amongst all.” said Jack Uppal, VP Marketing and Customer Experience, Chevrolet India.

Chevrolet is known for its commitment to customer care, through its leading Chevrolet Compete Care service. However, the ‘Drive with Care’ initiative demonstrates that Chevrolet is committed to caring not just for its customers, but to all road users, by taking real, on-the-ground action to make streets safer everyone sharing the road.

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