Ray-Ban Presents Campaign By Steven Klein


The Luxottica Group, owner of iconic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban has unveiled its new 2017 communication campaign

This Ray-Ban campaign draws on the creative instincts of renowned American photographer Steven Klein. Featuring seven stunning shots, the campaign is a healthy rebellion against the accepted logic of a society built around stereotypes that prevent us from truly being ourselves.

Steven Klein captures the very moment in which the protagonists shake off the past to liberate themselves, realise their potential, change and set themselves apart without ever turning back. The campaign is sometimes irreverent, sometimes impertinent, but always authentic. As Ray-Ban turns 80, the concept of authenticity embodied by the brand’s signage is stronger, bolder and more surprising than ever.

“The campaign is about diversity and individualism,” explains Klein. “The whole concept of the campaign is based on creating a world where people are leaving one world, entering another world based on the idea of never looking back. One of the great things about doing this campaign was that it felt authentic in the sense that whoever wears Ray-Ban takes on their own identity and the glasses do not wear them.”

The subjects of the images wear models that have either gone down in Ray-Ban history, as the timeless Ray-Ban Aviator, the evergreen Ray-Ban Clubmaster, the relaunched Ray-Ban The General or models that just hit the shelves for the first time, like the Ray-Ban Blaze and Ray-Ban Dean styles.

The visuals will be featured on a range of different channels including surprising and new digital content.