Adidas: Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Rita Ora and Damian Lillard are not Superstars


When the Superstar shoe was first launched by adidas back in 1969, the word ‘Superstar’ was unambiguous.

Today, the word has been corrupted to the point of confusion, says adidas. This year, adidas Originals sets out to question what it means to be a superstar, beginning with this film featuring Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Rita Ora and Damian Lillard.

To relaunch the iconic Superstar shoe, adidas Originals kicks off the New Year with a global campaign questioning what it means to be a superstar in 2015.

The brand says that “Social media has completely redefined the concepts of self-expression, originality and creativity and, throughout 2015, the campaign will question the need for external validation and celebrity worship.”

The campaign launches with a 90 second film, directed by Karum Huu Do and featuring David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and Damian Lillard, each revealing that superstar is not what you think it is. For Pharrell, the meaning is clear; “It’s not about the number of views, likes or shares”. While Rita Ora says, “It’s not about walking down red carpets, talking to reporters and waving at fans.”

The film will be accompanied by six shorter edits, including a 30 second version to launch Pharrell’s forthcoming Supercolor collection. Takeovers in Times Square and Madison Square Garden, and below-the-line activations across PR, social, digital, retail and experiential will support both the campaign and productdrops, including further collaborations with Pharrell and Rita Ora.

The global campaign was created by New York-based creative agency Johannes Leonardo, with below-the-line communications strategy from London based Three Sixty Communications.

The iconic Superstar shoe was first released in 1969 and quickly transitioned from the courts to the streets. The silhouette has been a mainstay of street culture ever since, representing creativity and diversity across the world. For adidas Originals, 2015 marks the next chapter of the Superstar legacy with product drops and artist collaborations throughout the year. The new campaign uses the hastag #OriginalSuperstar.

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Olivia Pearce
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