Luxury carmaker, Acura, has announced its #SuperHandling Challenge and campaign which stars Jay Williams and other sports influencers.

Acura has teamed up with influencers to launch its #SuperHandling challenge timed to the March college basketball tournament. ESPN analyst and host, Jay Williams, and sports commentator, Filayyyy, will help generate buzz around the initiative and tap fans socially.

An invitation to bring dribbling skills into unexpected situations, the tournament will see Williams and the automotive brand repost the best #SuperHandling videos to Instagram Stories. Throughout its full duration, a technical analysis of the top moves fans will feature.

The Acura campaign will be executed across the digital platforms of ESPN and CBS Sports, with adverts and homepage takeovers will run until 8 April. The other select basketball and sports influencers on board include Briana Green, Grayson Boucher, and Carlos Sanford.

The project takes its name from the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive technology developed by the luxury carmaker, which will reach its fifteenth-year milestone and one-million mark in global sales of SH-AWD vehicles later this year.

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