Pampers has introduced its latest product, Cruisers 360 FIT, which is designed to complement every baby move and increase convenience.

Pampers has launched Cruisers 360 FIT, a product featuring a comfortable and stretchy waistband that adapts to every baby move. Making diaper changes easier, it is removable in three simple steps: tear the sides, roll and secure the in-built disposal tape, and toss.

While affording parents added convenience, the new release also delivers vibrant graphics and trusted protection. In line with the roll-out, the brand has created a push introducing Cruisers 360 FIT to its American audience, with a clear narrative carved around necessity.

“Babies need diapers that can keep up with their adventures. We designed Cruisers 360 FIT with an innovative waistband and paired it with the Pampers protection parents trust,” said Andre Schulten, VP and General Manager, Baby Care North America for Procter & Gamble.

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