Elf Cosmetics and American Eagle Outfitters are ready to launch their makeup and skincare products. This cross-industry collaboration for the Gen Z audience has already set the trend in the beauty niche.

Interestingly, Elf cosmetics manufactures these products, while American Eagle encapsulates them in denim fabric.

Elf Cosmetics
Photo: Elf Beauty / American Eagle Outfitters

Both of these brands have raised the bar in their respective field. Elf cosmetics UK is famous for producing high-quality vegan and cruelty-free products. Whereas American Eagle Outfitters is a trademark in the clothing brand for producing premium finishes denim dresses, including a denim jacket, denim shorts, etc.

This new collaboration aims to address their mutual target, Gen Z. This partnership features the following products: an eyeshadow palette, PH Lip balm, Denim beauty bag, and Clay mask. This wonderful collection will be available on Elf make up and American Eagle’s website on Thursday, 30 March.

Chief Marketing Officer at American Eagle, Craig Brommers, said while addressing this collaboration,

“Our brands speak directly to Gen Z – we meet them in their closet, while E.l.f. meets them at their vanity. We’re excited to intermingle across touchpoints and industries to deliver the kind of fun collaboration that we know they’ll love.”

Elf cosmetics
Image Source Elf cosmetics and American Eagle

Further, these two brands are making efforts to promote this campaign. Following this, they have announced a competition on TikTok to share their favorite denim and makeup looks. Also, they are using different social media platforms to organize different challenges.

It’s not the first collaboration of Elf makeup with any brand. Before this, it collaborated with Chipotle and Dunkin’ Donuts. However, it’s Elf’s first-ever fashion collaboration with this denim-oriented brand.

Engaging in a partnership can be risky. Eventually, it could fall flat and couldn’t resonate with the audience. However, successful collaboration can broaden customers’ engagement and outreach. Let’s see where this collaboration with lead these two brands.

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