The year 2022 has been named after Avatar, as it was the highest-grossing film of 2022. However, what make it even more popular was its gamer tech revolutionizing filmmaking forever.

Avatar: The Way of Water has already been heralded by people for its worth-watching visual effects. Besides, it has been for runners in different categories at Oscars 2023.

Now, this relationship between gamer tech and Hollywood is becoming transactional. Even you have seen popular series and films based on these video games.

The Gamer Tech Behind Avatar

What left the audience in awe were those epic aquatic visual effects, which were hard to believe in reality. This follow-up to the 2009 Avatar has left the audience jaw-dropping – possibly due to its VFX team and extraordinary cast and crew.

However, at this moment, we should acknowledge Unity’s powerful tools for bringing ‘Avatar the way of water’ to life. This visual effects firm brought a team of engineers to work on this film, using an accessible video game engine.

Explaining this unique relationship between filmmaking and gamer tech, Unity’s head said, “These worlds have been converging for a decade now, and for the most part, the core principles are actually the same.”

Rendering gamer tech in the filming is quite interesting. Possibly, in the game, a player does things in real-time. It means that a player’s next move is unpredictable – unlike movies and series.

Gamer tech
Image Source Game Designing

But in movies, the VFX team handles these effects during post-production. That’s why whenever you’ll see a BTS of a movie, the only thing you’ll see are characters with a green background. In short, what a movie delivers is computer wizardly.

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Thus, the technology in video games is inspiring these major Hollywood blockbusters and changing their outlook.

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