Gentle Monster Glasses is unveiling its inaugural eyewear collection for 2024. With this sparkling new, the brand announces its “Gentle Jelly” series. Primarily, it’s a playful and delectable line inspired by a variety of gummy candies. 

The collection showcases two standout models, GUMMY and YUMMY, as previewed on the brand’s Instagram.

Fundamentally, the GUMMY model exudes a matte-finished and translucent aesthetic, adorned with a spectrum of pastel gradients. The temples of these eyeglasses feature sizable, gummy-like ornaments. Further, it is available in whimsical shapes such as stars, hearts, and flowers. 

On the other hand, the YUMMY model boasts a transparent pink hue sprinkled with crystallized specks. Also, it’s a revival of the sugary powder found in sour gummies.

In addition to these key models, Gentle Monster Glasses has provided a sneak peek at five other styles. Amazingly, each draws inspiration from various types of gummy candies. 

Notably, all eyewear in this collection adopts a distinctive wrap-around silhouette with a large pouch packaging. In addition, it’s a comeback of plastic packaging commonly associated with gummy candies.

Gentle Monster sunglasses fans can expect the official release of the “Gentle Jelly” collection on January 19. Further, this eyewear will be available for purchase through Gentle Monster’s official website.

Gentle Monster
Image Source Gentle Monster

An exclusive unboxing video showcases additional styles from the “Gentle Jelly” lineup. Mainly, it’s for those eager to delve deeper into the collection. The video offers a comprehensive view of the fashion-forward and candy-inspired designs that Gentle Monster Glasses has carefully designed for its latest eyewear offering.

How Do Gentle Monster Glasses Combine Safety Glasses with the “Gentle Jelly” Collection?

As a leading name in the eyewear industry, Gentle Monster continues to merge fashion and functionality perfectly. With a focus on safety glasses that double as fashion eyewear, the brand’s devotion to innovation shines through in the unique and trendsetting designs of the “Gentle Jelly” collection. 

Gentle Monster
Image Source Gentle Monster

Thus, every fashion enthusiast and eyeglass lover should mark their calendars for January 19 for the arrival of these delectable and stylish eyewear pieces.

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