Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new delicious non-dairy recipe made from oat milk for its vegan lineup. The smooth, decadent oat-based formula is set to be the brand’s greatest recipe yet.

According to the company’s statement, the oat base will replace its nearly 20 existing non-dairy flavours in pints and scoop shops by Spring 2024.

The Goodness in Oat

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s current non-dairy products use almond milk or sunflower butter because they work well with specific flavour chunks and swirls.

Present favourites like Lights! Caramel! Action! and Cherry Garcia use almond milk, while flavours like Mint Chocolate Cookie use sunflower butter.

After years of testing for better taste and texture, Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Gurus discovered one recipe to make a creamy base perfect for all non-dairy flavours, which is from oats.

The oat milk recipe makes for a creamier, more indulgent texture, allowing flavours like chocolate, caramel, mint, and vanilla to standout.

Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru Colleen Rossell said, “With this new recipe, Ben & Jerry’s fans can expect more: more flavour, more creamy texture and more dessert euphoria with the same signature chunks and swirls. This new recipe is so good, it’s even loved by our most discerning dairy fans who are used to eating ice cream.”

Moreover, Ben & Jerry’s new recipe can cater to people with allergies. Oat milk reduces nut allergens, making Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavour more inclusive for those with dietary sensitivities.

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s

New Strawberry Cheezecake Non-Dairy

Last week, Ben & Jerry’s released the non-diary version of the crowd favourite, Strawberry Cheezecake with the new plant-based oat milk recipe.

The flavour is ‘jam-packed with strawberry cheesecake-greatness & a fantastic graham-cracker swirl.’

The newly released berry-licious non-dairy flavour was also created a buzz online with its mouth-watering visual.

Ben & Jerry’s oat-based Strawberry Cheezecake and other non-dairy ice cream flavours are now available in stores and online.

About Ben & Jerry’s

Image Source APCharles Krupa

Ben & Jerry’s was originally founded in Vermont, USA, but now operates internationally as a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever.

The company operates on a three-part mission statement emphasising product quality, a fair financial return, and addressing social, racial, and environmental injustice worldwide.

The company produces a wide range of super-premium ice cream and non-dairy desserts using fine ingredients and lots of big chunks and swirls.

To date, Ben & Jerry’s is distributed in over 35 countries in supermarkets, grocery stores, franchised Scoop Shops, and via delivery services.

Ben & Jerry’s Goes Beyond Selling Ice Cream

“Ben & Jerry’s is an aspiring social justice company that believes in a greater calling than simply making and selling the world’s best ice cream.”

Image Source: The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation

Ben & Jerry’s is not only well-known for its yummy ice cream products but also recognised for its ardent and active engagement in social activism.

Over the years, Ben & Jerry’s has been committed to supporting Fairtrade, the racial justice movement, and taking a firm stance on calling for a permanent ceasefire on the Palestine genocide.

On top of that, in 2022, The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, steered by Ben & Jerry’s employees, granted $4.35MM to support progressive, justice-focused grassroots organising around the country.

Besides that, as a Certified B Corp, Ben & Jerry’s incorporates its vision of Linked Prosperity into its business practices via values-led sourcing initiatives when purchasing ingredients.

Learn more about the world-renowned ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s and its social impact through the company’s official website and various social media platforms.

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