Mr. Bubble is celebrating National Bubble Bath Day on January 8th, owned by Village Company. This time Mr. Bubble, inspired by gummy bears, announced the launch of a limited-edition bubble bath

Allison Peters, Village Company’s associate director of marketing, expressed enthusiasm for the blend of joyous gummy bear nostalgia and Mr. Bubble’s iconic bubbles.

Peters highlighted the timeless appeal of gummy bears, spanning over a century, as the perfect match for their new bubble bath creation. Moreover, the product aims to merge the essence of two iconic elements into a single bottle. 

In addition, it promises the trademark Mr. Bubble’s voluminous, soft bubbles coupled with a fruity aroma. Also, it is contained within a reusable bear-shaped packaging, ensuring continued bath-time amusement.

Mr. Bubble not only promises a fun bath experience but also aims to make it affordable for its customers. In celebration of the new product’s launch and the onset of the year, they offer a generous 30% discount on their range of products starting January 2. 

This offer makes the $4.99 price tag for the new limited-edition gummy bears even more appealing. Besides, it amplifies the fun while keeping it pocket-friendly.

How Does Mr. Bubbles’ Gummy Bears Double Bubble Formula Revolutionize Bathtime Fun?

Gummy Bears
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The double bubble bath formula is specially designed with aloe and vitamin E, catering to the delicate nature of young skin. Emphasizing skin care, it prides itself on being both paraben- and cruelty-free. Primarily, it assures parents of a safe and gentle baby bath-time ritual.

The trend of gummy-themed items has been sweeping various industries. Hence, Mr. Bubble joins the wave by infusing its product line with gelatinous inspiration. However, unlike their gummy counterparts, these delightful gummy bears are strictly non-edible and intended solely for bath-time delight.

With the market’s increasing fascination with gummy-inspired novelties, Mr. Bubble’s latest offering capitalizes on this trend. With that, it maintains its core ethos of providing children with enjoyable and safe bath-time experiences. The union of a familiar fruity scent, reusable bear-shaped packaging, and affordability adds to the allure of these limited-edition gummy bears.

Transitioning into 2024, the brand welcomes consumers to indulge in a bubbly display with its exclusive online offer at Amazingly, it promises an exciting, fragrant, and nurturing bath-time experience for young ones. 

As a trusted name in baby bath products, Mr. Bubbles continues to innovate, delight, and ensure that these things to do in bath time remain a routine and a fun-filled activity for children.

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