Harrods Turns 175: Unforgettable Experiences & Exclusive Collaborations

The prestigious department store Harrods, located in Knightsbridge, London, is marking its 175th anniversary with a year-long celebration. This includes a series of creative partnerships, unique in-store concepts, and special collaborations, all designed to highlight the store’s rich heritage.

After Burberry transforms Harrods into “Knight Blue,” the department store will host a dazzling light show every evening at 8 p.m. this month. This spectacle will celebrate the iconic façade of Harrods, illuminated by 3,890 LED lights.

Besides, within the exhibition windows on the ground floor, customers will find The Harrods Lounge, a specialised concierge area designed to assist customers. Additionally, this space will offer unique photo opportunities, featuring a life-sized bear and hosting various competitions.

Harrods 175 years
Image Source Harrods

Next, between April 1st and 7th, The Lounge will transform into the inaugural ‘Harrods Design-A-Bear Studio,’ presenting customers with an exciting opportunity. Participants can engage in a competition where they design a bear, with the winning design becoming a Harrods Bear available in the store.

In addition, the brand has curated an exclusive anniversary collection of bears, collaborating with renowned luxury brands and designers such as Burberry, Valentino, and Charlotte Tilbury. Each collaborator brings their unique interpretation of the iconic teddy bear. These collaborative bears will be limited-edition, with only 175 units for each design.

Furthermore, Harrods has hinted that additional designer bear collaborations will be unveiled throughout the year, promising more customer excitement.

Unveiling Luxury: Exclusive Offerings in Celebration of 175 Years

Additionally, during the year-long festivities, the brand will introduce over 40 exclusive products, each crafted as a tribute to the store’s enduring legacy. Among these offerings, in March, Moët & Chandon will debut a limited-edition champagne bottle, custom-made upon request. The bottle, designed by Dimitry Hlinka, draws inspiration from the iconic chandelier adorning the brand’s champagne bar on the ground floor.

Harrods 175 years
Image Source Harrods

Following this, later in May the first of three 175-inspired tea collections will debut in the food hall. Fragrances such as Penhaligon’s Mr. Harrods, Guerlain’s Royal Extract II, and Ex Nihilio’s Brompton Immortals will be reimagined into exquisite tea blends. This innovative approach celebrates its rich heritage in tea culture and reflects the creative spirit that defines the store’s legacy.

Exquisite Aromas: A Tribute to Harrods’ Radiance

Furthermore, the prestigious department store is set to introduce an exclusive fragrance in collaboration with Maison Francis Kurkdjan titled “Reflets de Ambre.” This fragrance will pay homage to the luminous ambience of Harrods along Brompton Road and debut as a worldwide exclusive, available exclusively at Harrods later this year.

Apart from that, Michael Ward, the managing director, expressed in a statement: “Harrods is dedicated to showcasing the epitome of luxury, and it felt only appropriate to pause and commemorate our significant anniversary.”

“Thus, we aim to commemorate this occasion by honouring everything remarkable and distinctive about the Harrods brand – from our integral role in British culture and history to our unmatched brand collaborations and the cherished relationships we share with our customers. Yet, we also remain steadfastly focused on the future. For 175 years, this brand has been synonymous with celebrating the extraordinary, and we eagerly anticipate remaining at the forefront of luxury for another 175 years and beyond,” he added.

The commemoration of Harrods 175th anniversary Image Source Harrods

Founded in 1849 as a tea merchant, the brand has evolved into a prestigious retail destination, boasting over 3,000 brands across 300 departments. The store is a bustling hub of luxury and elegance, occupying an expansive 1.1 million square feet of floor space. With a workforce exceeding 4,000 employees, it is an iconic landmark renowned for its unparalleled selection and exceptional service.

Lastly, as Harrods embarks on its 175th-anniversary celebration, it stands as a testament to enduring excellence in luxury retail. From its humble beginnings as a tea merchant in 1849 to its current status as a global icon, it continues to define the epitome of luxury, boasting a rich heritage, unrivalled brand partnerships, and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

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